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Pineapple Themed Bridal Shower + Amazon Giveaway

pineapple themed bridal shower
About a month or so later, I'm finally getting around to sharing the pineapple themed bridal shower that I threw with my mom and sister for our youngest sister, Sierra (from Well Rounded Blog - you should totally check her out).

So in case you missed it we all love pineapple (seriously, check out our Pineapple Board), but Sierra especially has a thing for them, so a pineapple themed shower seemed perfect. Apparently my sister in law in Utah had the same idea, because she to had a pineapple themed shower for Sierra this past weekend in Utah. See this post HERE for pics from that shower.
pineapple themed bridal shower
We held the shower at our Mom's house which was perfect because she she makes everything so much better. And she makes the most delicious salads and everything else. I'm going to stop talking and just let you enjoy the pictures.
All the food was amazing and the decoration turned out so cute!! At the end of the pictures I'll try to source as much as possible. AND before I forget, there IS a amazon giveaway at the end of the post and you don't want to miss that.
pineapple themed bridal shower
Pineapple and strawberry water
watercolor pineapple straws
pineapple cake
pineapple flower vase
pineapple party food
pineapple watercolor garland
pineapple watercolor garland
Pineapple Pary Decoration:
Gold Pineapple Candle - Originally Target but similar HERE 
Free Pineapple Prints - HERE
Two Pineapples Print - HERE
Lots of Pineapple art Print - Also Free HERE
Are You A Fan of Delicious Flavor? - A DIY post HERE or buy printable HERE for only $1.99!
Watercolor Pineapple Garland - I made those post coming soon
Pineapple plates from Joanns summer seasson - Similar HERE

Pineapple Chocolate - buy Chocolate molds HERE
Pineapple Water - just pineapple and strawberries!!
Pineapple Cake - the BEST pineapple cake

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