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How to Sew an Easy Felt Dinosaur Bag

Learn how to sew an easy felt dinosaur bag for your little dinosaur lover in your life. This is easy to make and very simple for the beginner sewer. 
diy dinosaur tail bag
This is an old post that should have been shared ages ago but I thought I lost the pictures but I found them. It's a family favorite because dinosaurs of course!! Have you seen my DIY Dinosaur Sweatshirt tutorial yet?
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diy dinosaur felt bag
We have gotten so much use out of these diy felt bags. We use them for parades, Easter, Halloween and adventures. They're so easy and quick to make and could even be made with your kids. Because it's felt, you don't need to worry about finishing the seams on the inside. This picture below is an old picture of my second son and how much he has grown! Why must they grow :(
diy dinosaur bag to sew
easy felt bag to sew for kids
how to sew a dinosaur bag
easy to sew dinosaur felt bag

How to Sew an Easy Felt Dinosaur Bag


Step 1 Cut Main Pieces

Cut your main big felt piece to be 22 x 14. For the tail cut a 6 x 8 rectangle and then trim it roughly to look like a little more triangular (like the picture below). 

For cutting the spikes, cut 2 big rectangle  pieces from your spikes felt to be 2 x 11 and  2 smaller rectangle (for the tail) to be 8 x 2 (as you can see below I cut another two  2 x 2 piece for the end of the tail as well)

Step 2 Sewing Spikes

 Sewing the spikes: place your 2 big rectangle pieces together and pin.  To make the spikes look more dinosaurish, I didn't use a pattern for the triangles, but just started sewing  triangles all the way down the felt piece. Some were tall and some were short and some were crooked. (see spikes in picture below). Do the same for tail spikes as well. 

Step 3 Sew the tail: 

First sew the spikes on the tail as seen in the picture above. Now fold your tail in half with right sides together (like hot dog style). Sorry, I forgot to take a picture at this part. Basically sew the edges together but leave the the far edge open (the short edge that doesn't have spikes on it (on the picture above it would be the edge that has the arrow on it). 

Step 4 Sew the tail and spikes onto the bag:

Like the tail, sew the spikes onto one of the short sides of the bag, also at the bottom sew the tail on right wear the spikes for the bag stop. 

Step 5 Sew bag:

Bring the other short side over to the spikes side (right sides touching) and sew the side only. You will now have a tube. 

Step 6

Now we're going to turn the bag over so the seam with the spikes and tail are in the center of the bag. Now at the bottom of the bag you're going to sew it closed. 

Step 7 Finishing the bag:

At the top of the bag fold down the edge and sew around the hole top. Then sew on your handles and you're done! 

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