Poe Dameron and a DIY Cardboard Box X-Wing Costume

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Costume out of cardboard box

Poe dameron costume
 Captain Awesome wanted to be Poe Dameron for Halloween. Somewhere, he got this idea for a x wing to go with his costume. Tall order!!  I thought about making his costume, but then I decided that it just looked too complicated. And the ship! Man, I turned that decision over to his dad.

 When I saw  the x wing fighter costume on Oriental Trading (did you know they have costumes on there!! so cool) it was a done deal. Plus, they had Kylo Ren's light saber on there as well which was perfect for his dad (who is so cool cosplay stars with him all the time). If you are need of a costume for your small one, check out Oriental Trading Halloween Costumes section and their Halloween section, they have some fun stuff.
I tried to convince Small One to be a Storm Trooper for Halloween (thank you target dollar spot - he's been wearing this mask everyday for like a week), but he wants to be a train conductor with a train. But he still makes a cute storm trooper ever other day. 
Now on to the DIY Cardboard Box X-Wing. 
X wing Halloween Costume out of Cardboard boxes
Bb8 X-wing Costume Star Wars Poe Dameron Costume

Poe Dameron and DIY Cardboard Box X-Wing Costume


old cardboard boxes 
cardboard tubes
spray paint
duck tape

This is what little boys dreams are made of...cardboard box, duck tape and spray paint. Seriously, this boy was in HEAVEN when it was finished. He had his costume on before the hubby said done. 

My husband was brilliant. I wish I took pictures of the process, but I didn't. He kept it pretty simple:

All the different parts:

- A main box for the cock pit. 
- A triangle wedge taped together for the front
- tubes for the engines
- Wings: to hold the wings up, he taped sticks to the top wings and cut a hole for them to be supported inside the box. Then he wrapped string around the top and bottom to hold the bottom up. 
- Front shield
- straps to help Captain Awesome hold up the ship. 

BB8 was not made out of cardboard boxes, I actually made him using the paper mache method and a balloon. For BB8 eye I got a large plastic lid and half a plastic egg, glued the egg inside the large lid and sprayed it black. 
STar Wars X-Wing Fighter Costume with Bb8
And that's it. I love BB8 despite his imperfectly shaped head. Especially this picture above. 
DIY Paper mache bb8 on X-wing fighter Star wars costume
Halloween Poe Dameron Star Wars Costume

OH my goodness, this Poe Dameron X-Wing and is just made out of cardboard box x-wing

OH my goodness, this Poe Dameron X-Wing and is just made out of cardboard box x-wing
 photo HAVASIG copy1_zpsuqfffyef.jpg

I did receive items from Oriental Trading for this post, but ALL opinions are my own. 
Looking for a deal at Oriental Trading? Visit their coupon page for the latest in sales.

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