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Things that Matter Most + Free Printable

How is it that pregnancy seems to feel like eternity, but then it's over and days speed by. With a child in Kindergarten, I feel like the days go by even faster. 

Sweet girl is now 18 months old and her favorite thing to do is go outside. She first asks for food, then yells "Ahhh" while pointing outside. We all miss the easy days of summer of spending most of our time together and outside. 

As the days have turned cold and all of us have been stuck inside with sickness, my favorite peppermint herbal tea has again become an everyday staple. I love that I can crush the things that matter most with  Dixie® To Go cups, which are insulated to help me enjoy my herbal tea while it's still hot and I can rush out the door for a quick walk or for a school drop off. I really love that it's spill free which has been the best thing to give my kiddos Hot Chocolate in (they love it!!).
As I try to slow down and hold on to the moments that matter most, I've been really trying at changing things: 

1. Ignore dishes and laundry. Sounds easy right, yep. Until it starts piling high. I wish I was amazing and did the dishes every night before bed, but I'm not, like most of the time. So sometimes, in the morning I just need to ignore my to do list and focus on my little ones. Like going for a quick walk, playing trains or reading books. 

2. Block off days with no plans. I strongly dislike having things planned every morning. But it can't be helped sometimes. So, I try hard to make sure Mondays and Fridays are free of planned activities or appointments. Seriously, it's so nice to start and end the week with just free days with nothing planned. Those are the days we just mosy about and do what we want, like take walks, play and read books all morning. 

3. Say no. This is hard, really hard. But I've learned that it's ok to say no. That's how things get really busy is when I keep adding to my to do list and don't say no to something. I even say no to myself ALL the time. 

What do you do to slow down and help you do the things that matter most?

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