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Marbleize ANYTHING with Spray Paint || Tutorial

ooooh!! use spray paint to marbleize anything!!
When it comes to teaching my little ones, reading and english comes natural. However, since my oldest has gotten older, I've been trying to introduce more sciency things into our daily adventures and recently I've come to love the simplicity of teaching little ones science (ex, gravity - they fall and bam! lesson taught ; ). And let's be honest for a minute, simple science is about all I can even comprehend!!

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 And guess what else I realized, crafting is FULL of science. Example, which glue will stick your fingers together  or which paint takes the longest to come off your hands or how long will your fingers hurt after getting hot glue on them.
 Anyway, one day during sweet girls nap, me and the boys were out back enjoying a nice fall day and I saw that I all my spray paints were still left out in the shed from when I made spray painted colorful pumpkins. I decided it was time to do some scientific experimenting with spray paint marbleizing that I've seen all over the internet. The boys collected some nearby rocks and scrap wood that their dad left lying around and we got to work. The boys absolutely LOVED dipping stuff in the water. They kept finding wood and rocks and would have marbleized everything if I let them. 
 Then I remembered that I still had a few fake pumpkins left over that I bought on clearance at Joanns and so those too became experimented upon. I loved how the pumpkins turned out but we discovered (as with any good scientific experiment) that not all of my spray paints are equal when it comes to marbleizing. We didn't explore past that, but after trying different colors we learned my yellow spray paint did not like marbleizing but it left a more speckled effect on the pumpkin (which we still liked). 
ooooh!! use spray paint to marbleize fake pumpkins!!!
ooooh!! use spray paint to marbleize anything!!

How to Marbleize anything using Spray Paint

***I highly recommend to try this out on a random object before doing it on the desired object. That way you know what to expect and what spray paint works best for you. 


Spray Paint 
a Small Bucket  you don't care about (we used a left over ice cream bucket - but it depends on the size of the object you are marbleizing
A Paint Stick
Pumpkins or desired object marbleize

1 ||  Fill your bucket with water. Quickly spray your paint for 2-3 seconds. 
2 || Take your paint stick and gently move the paint around to make swirls. 
3 || quickly dip your object into paint/water and pull up. 
 And voila!! I think there might be some more marbleizing in some future craft projects.

ooooh!! use spray paint to marbleize fake pumpkins!!!


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