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A Two Toned DIY Kitchen Remodel - the Details with using a Spray Gun

Last Summer, we started the long process of remodeling our kitchen. We decided to go the two toned painted cabinet DIY route and boy was it fun ; ) Ha! actually it was a learning experience, but we're happy it's done. This post is about the process of what we did. 

GO HERE to see more pics of the finished kitchen!

First off, after tons of research, we decided to go the spray paint route. We decided that it was worth investing in a paint gun instead of paying by the hour to rent one. With how much time we spent painting (I mean my husband spent painting) it was totally worth it. My husband spent TONS of time researching and found tons of great reviews for the Wagner Power Conversion Gun. It did require us to get an air compressor too, but totally worth it. He did practice a bit before using it on our cabinets and we were really happy how the paint looked on our cabinets. 

I think we actually spend more time taping the kitchen off then actually spray painting. We were probably cursing more about taping off everything than actually doing the painting. We also put a "curtain" of plastic up to try to keep any spray particles from leaving the kitchen. But really, we were really impressed how exact the sprayer was and how little we probably actually need to tape off. 
A two toned kitchen remodel with spray gun
We had to do multiple coats of paint to finish we wanted, in which we spend more time waiting between coats then actually painting. Unfortunately, the first blue we picked for the bottom cabinets we both did not like!! Funny things is we both at first didn't want to offend the other and kindly said oh it looks good! Thank goodness we eventually were honest and realized that we didn't like it. As you can see below, that is the first blue. We both felt like our kitchen looked like our Alma Maters colors (Cougars royal blue - which is a great color...just not for our kitchen : ). We quickly went back to the paint store and picked out a darker blue and were SO happy with the final product. 
a two toned DIY kitchen remodel
GO HERE to see pictures of the finished kitchen

Paint we used:

Bottom Cabinets: Benjamin Moore - Hale Navy
Upper Cabinets: Chantilly Lace

* UPDATE: If we were to do it again, I think we would go with Behr brand Alkyd Semi - Gloss Enamel. We used it on our upstairs cabinets and it is really good quality and half the price. We weren't very impressed with the Benjamin Moore paint brand but many have raved about it. 

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