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A Two Toned Diy Kitchen Remodel with Hexagon Tiles

two toned kitchen cabinets
This post is a long time coming...like 8 months. Well, like mosts my posts on here. But my excuse for this one is a) I've been too lazy to take pictures and b) my kitchen just hasn't been clean...enough. I DO clean my kitchen...but just enough so that the smell of dirty dishes are gone and crumbs are off the floor. However, there always seems to be stuff cluttered all over the counters, and since that stuff isn't food that can grow bacteria, I have tended to ignore it. But enough was enough. This past week, I took a WHOLE day to declutter the kitchen counters of all unnecessary things (which was almost everything on it. It literally took me all day (mostly because kids don't like it when you actually want to get something done - so it takes longer to do). 

 --- > want to see the process of how we spray painted our kitchen? Go HERE

So yay!! I had a clean kitchen and so as not to jinx it I realized I actually needed to finally take pictures of it of our updated kitchen. Last August we updated our kitchen by painting our cabinets, adding tile, updating our counters with granite as well as updating our sink. My goodness, it's amazing what a paint job can do and some new tile. I'm completely in love with it!!! Ok, no more jabbering, let's just show you the pictures. Find details at the bottom of the post. 
diy two toned kitchen cabinet
But first, can I just tell you how much I love how this kitchen came together!! The decision process was surprisingly difficult, like picking the right granite, finding cabinet pulls that we both liked and convincing my husband that hexagon tiles would be the best (obviously I won - but I have a feeling he came to my side because he loves me :) but he actually ended up liking the hexagons). And the undermount sink was a hard decision since I really wanted a white farm style, but I'm SO happy with the stainless steel. 

Oh and the paint color...we actually re-did the paint on the bottom cabinets because the initial blue looked too close to our Alma Mater blue (BYU Royal blue - which we love but not for kitchen cabinets - you can see the cabinets in that blue HERE). Ok, fine, on to pictures.  
two toned kitchen blue cabinets remodel with hexagon tile!!
colonial blue kitchen cabinets
diy two toned kitchen cabinet remodel with hexagon tile!!
kitchen hexagon tiles
diy kitchen with hexagon tiles
a two toned kitchen blue cabinets remodel with hexagon tile!!
a two toned diy kitchen remodel with hexagon tile!!
tow toned blue white kitchen cabinets
Stainless steel undermount sink
a two toned diy kitchen remodel painted window seat
SO happy to have it finished!! Now if it can just stay this clean always :). 

Kitchen Sources:

Delta Faucet Essa Single Handle Pull down Magnetic Docking (the magnetic docking is a must!)
White Ornamental Granite (I was nervous how this would look but it turned out matching perfectly!)
Brainerd Champagne Bronze Pulls (Lowes)
Semi-gloss White Hexagon Tiles (one of my favorite parts of the kitchen).

And to see the nitty gritty process of how we spray painted the kitchen ourselves, go HERE

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two different color cabinents for a two toned kitchen makeover with brass cabinet handles

a two toned diy kitchen remodel
a two toned diy kitchen remodel

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