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Leather Key Fob DIY || Tutorial

This leather key fob/keychain is a DIY and is SO easy and quick to make. Plus it looks classy and makes holding keys on your wrist very simple. This post may contain affiliate links; thanks for supporting Sisters, What!
scrap leather key fob key chain diy tutorial
My husband always likes to compare my keychain with his keychain (when the opportunity arises and they are next to each other); he would tell you that my needs to go on a major diet. So...I have a few more things on my keychain then his big deal! :)

 I consider all the things on there as essential: first of all Keys (kind of need them), library card (no brainer), finger nail clippers (in which have come to his aid on multiple occasions), "Meiner" accessory (German for mine - from my dear friend) and last my leather key fob (which I can then hold keys on wrist)
scrap leather key fob key chain diy
The leather key fob is by far one of my favorite things. So nice to have something that is sturdy to hold my keys with when I need them at the ready. And guess what, it literally took me like 5 minutes to make from start to finish. No skills required except straight cutting (which can be done with a rotary cutter or a ruler and marker)

Leather Key Fob DIY || Tutorial


Scrap Leather 
Key Fob Hardware
pliers of some sort

1||  Measure your leather by width of key fob and by length of what it would be to go around your hand comfortably. Then Cut. 
2||  Fold leather in half and place inside of key fob. Not pictured but a good idea if you're not lazy like me, place a piece of scrap leather or cloth over key fob so as not to scratch or dent key fob with pliers when squeezing. Then gently press pliers of key fob  on both sides of the leather (careful that the leather doesn't move out of position). And that's it! Add to your keys. 
scrap leather key fob key chain diy tutorial

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