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How to Make Bath Paint Made With Soap

Bath paint is perfect for rainy days, snowy days, cold days, hot days, basically for any reason you and your littles are stuck inside. Plus it's made with soap so easy clean up!
Homemade Bath Paint Soap and Cornstarch, perfect as a rainy day activity

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I know I'm not the only one getting sick of winter and all that has come with it. I feel like almost everywhere (well except the southern states) have been hit hard by either snow or rain or just plain cold weather. The forecast in the PNW, rain, rain and more rain. I really do love the rain, but there comes a time that you just need sunshine. Especially when your littles just need to get out and run around. 

One Saturday morning, my husband had to work and it was pouring, so finally I quickly mixed up some of this bath paint made with soap and threw all three kiddos in the bath. Needless to say, they LOVED it. AND they stayed in there painting for like 30 minutes and then took a bath for another 30 minutes. Everyone was happy and the clean up was a breeze. 
Bath Paint Soap and cornstarch rainy day activity

How to Make Bath Paint With Soap


Step 1:

First, get your kids involved, they'll love all the mixing and it's easy to clean up if they spill! Mix your soap and cornstarch until well homogenized. Add a little water until it reaches a nice paint consistency. Use a brush to test it out. If too thick, add more water, to thin add more cornstarch. 
how to make homemade bath paint

Step 2:

Now for the fun part. Let your kids decide what colors they want and guide them to mixing. Or if they're old enough, let them experiment and mix the colors themselves!
diy bath paint for kids
Happy painting!

Bath Paint Soap and cornstarch rainy day activity

Bath Paint Soap and cornstarch rainy day activity

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