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DIY Mason Jar Lid Craft with leather

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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen the colorful faux leather that I shared on there. When I saw it on Ribbon Retreat, I just had to have some. Ha, but to be completely forthright, I had no idea what I was going to use it for, just that I really wanted it.
Colorful faux leather mason jar lid update
But, after staring at my mason jars on my Craft Peg Board, I had this idea of covering the lids with the colorful leather!! I wasn't sure it would work it, but it seemed easy enough and worth the effort. And obviously you can see that it totally works. I absolutely love them and the color they add to my shelves. 

Colorful mason jar lid update

And because everyone loves a before and after, here you go. It's like they aren't even mason jars anymore. Your welcome mason jars. I might be making more in more colors. Oh and did I mention they each took me like 5 minutes to make! The perfect quick project, which these days is all I have time for. 
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DIY Mason Jar Lid Craft 


Faux Leather
E-6000 glue
Hot Glue Gun
Mason Jar lids
*optional (but highly recommended ;) : Colorful felt balls to go in mason jars

Step 1:

  Hot glue the inside of the lids into ring of the jar lid.

Step 2:

 After it's dried, use a marker or pen, and trace the lid onto the back of faux leather. Then measure the outside of the lid by the width and the height of it. Draw your measurement onto the back of the faux leather and cut it out.

Step 3:

 Glue the circle onto the jar lid with E-6000 glue. Press until it is set in place. Then add the side strip of leather and glue it on. Now let it dry.
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DIY a tutorial for updating mason jars lids with colorful faux leather - a mason jar decorating hack!

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