Love of Watercoloring and Free Geometric Pineapple Print Downloads - Sisters, What!

Love of Watercoloring and Free Geometric Pineapple Print Downloads

I have two free printables for you today. A Geometric Pineapple coloring page and a Watercolor version of the Geometric Pineapple - go to end of the post to download. 

Geometric pineapple free coloring page - perfect for watercolor!

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watercoloring with kids
When my oldest was a baby, a friend taught me the basics of watercoloring. I loved how watercolors looked and how they could be used in different ways.  It was the perfect activity to do with my toddler son and he could even sit on my lap without me worrying about him causing a mess. We both loved the break from other toddler activities :). 
letting kids watercolor because it's not as messy
Now he's much older and he still loves to paint with me, but this time he does his own painting. Even my 3 year old will sit for a while and paint a picture with us. Like I said earlier, I love that watercolors aren't messy and easy clean up with little kids. 
But when I'm pregnant, I have back pain that makes it hard to sit for any amount of time to paint. Being pregnant is a miracle but sometimes it hurts :). There are things that I miss doing as much as I used to.

 I was really happy to rediscover Biofreeze® for this pregnancy. My mom used to keep it on hand when I was in High School and I would use it for sport soreness and injuries. Perfect to temporary relieve any aches or pains which has been perfect to help relieve some of my pregnancy backaches and help me to do more what I love and enjoy the moments more with my littles.
A study in watercolor pineapple
It's great because it's a pain reliever that as effective as ice without the dripping bags and great for on the go (shown above Biofreeze® Pain Relief Gel). Biofreeze® Pain Reliever products are safe and and an effective way to relieve pain. It does not require a prescription and are free of parabens and propylene glycol. Also it contains United States Pharmacopea  (USP) grade menthol. I highly recommend it to help temporarily ease aches and pains. You can learn more about it here.
Download this free geometric watercolor 5x7 or card printable

I LOVE seeing what you do with my pineapple print, please share with me on instagram @sisterswhat

Free Geometric Pineapple coloring page download
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Geometric pineapple free coloring page
free watercolor pineapple 5x7 print or card

Free geometric pineapple coloring page and watercolor card print

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