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Free Vegetable Printable Coloring Page Place Mat and Green Beans Recipe

free printable vegetable place mat for kids
Raise your hand if you love dinner time? Some days I love it and some days are difficult. With a 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old, I sometimes have no idea who will eat what I make. One night one of them will LOVE green beans and then the next time that same small person decides they don't like it. Most of the time they're pretty consistent in their likes, but you know kids are kids and I'm pretty sure their main job is to constantly mixing things up. 
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I really do try to have a balanced plate for my kiddos with at least one vegetable. But it's hard
sometimes when certain kiddos won't eat those vegetables. But, I believe that lots exposure to different type of vegetables is the best way to tame those kids taste buds and help them figure out what they love and what they really don't like. I made this place mat for my kiddos (see above) which doubles as a coloring mat. It's perfect to help them learn the vegetables as well as give them something hands on to do when I'm making dinner. Even my 2 year old LOVES coloring on one. (see end of post to download your own free copy of the place mat).
vegetable coloring page for kids free
vegetable gardening coloring page kids

I'm so happy to say this night, everything was a hit on their plate. Only one child refused to eat the green beans (the 2 year old), but everything else was a success! See below for my easy green bean and roasted recipe: 
green beans and roasted almond recipe
Roasted Almond and Green Beans


Fresh or frozen green beans
1 - 2 pieces of precooked bacon cut into small pieces (optional - I like the flavor it adds)
almonds (you can buy them pre-roasted or roast them yourself)

Cut your almonds up  and roast them in the oven under the broiler until golden brown. Then in a skillet, mix together with green beans and bacon and a little olive oil. Cook until warm. 

That'ts it! See below for the free Vegetable Printable Place Mat Coloring page
free printable vegetable gardening coloring pages

There are two sizes 11x17 and a 8.5x11. The 11x17 can be taken to your local office store and printed off black and white and color. Then ask them to laminate it for you (double sided - color print on one side and black and white on the other). At my Office Depot, it usually cost me about $4 total for one place mat. Totally worth it!

 We LOVE these Crayola Washable Markers - they clean up better than other markers and don't stain clothes!
Vegetable printable place mat to make a balanced meal

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Vegetable coloring page and printable kids placemat that can be laminated so it can be used over and over again!

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