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Pineapple Layered Cake Recipe from a Cake mix

Using a yellow cake box and some homemade pineapple frosting, this is such an amazing pineapple cake! Easy to make and use for a pineapple party for summer
Spring can be hard in the PNW sometimes; it just can't decide if it should just rain for days on end or be sunny. I think finally here at the end of May, it has decided to give us a break with some beautiful warm, sunny days. The 80 degrees is already too hot for my husband, but I'll take it over the cold rainy days. 

Thus speaking of Summer days, I'm finally sharing these amazing Pineapple layered cake that I made for my sister's pineapple bridal shower/party that we had for her last summer. Yes, I'm a year behind, but this is still worth sharing and every bite is worth eating. 
A delicious pineapple recipe that is easy and looks and taste amazing!
For the pineapple cake recipe, I used yellow boxed cake for the base and added crushed canned pineapple which gives it such flavor and adds so much moisture! And then the pineapple frosting really was the icing on the cake. It's even better than a pineapple upside down ten times better. 
Pineapple Layered Cake Recipe


Prepare your yellow cake as normal BUT substitute the water for the juice from the can of crushed pineapple. Also add the pudding to the cake mix straight out of the box. Cook both cakes in two separate circle pans or one right after another. 

Let cool. Using thread, carefully slice each cake into halves. Starting with one of the cakes on a cake stand, add a little pineapple frosting. Then add another cake half. Repeat until all the cake and frosting is used. Make sure you add some frosting on top as well. Final touch, add the top of pineapple to the cake. 

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and this is the other pineapple themed shower my sister in law threw for her:
an amazingly moist pineapple cake that is made out of a yellow cake mix! perfect for a pineapple party

The only pineapple cake recipe you'll need for your pineapple party or just summer party! It's just made using a cake box and canned pineapple!

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