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Bright and Colorful Faux Leather Bow tie Tutorial

I can't believe it's already been 2 months since Easter!! I'm pregnant, shouldn't this be going super slow?? I think having 3 kiddos has been making it faster than my other pregnancies...Anyway, I'm finally getting around to sharing these really fun Faux Leather Bow Ties. 
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For Easter, I actually didn't intend to do new outfits for anyone, but then I came across Sarah Jane's Magic fabric line again and just get some of the fabric to make another little dress for my girl. After all, I only have one girl and she is most likely going to be our only I must make the most of it. 

As for the boys, I didn't plan on doing anything for them...but after I made sweet girls dress I realized that the faux leather I had left over from my Faux Leather Mason Jar Lids would make really cute bow ties (well I at least hoped they would). And guess what they actually turned out; Actually I think they turned out awesome!
colorful and fun sunday bow ties for little boys
colorful faux leather bows for little girls
Bright and Colorful Faux Leather Bow Tie Tutorial


Faux Leather or Vinyl (I got it from here - left over from my DIY mason jar lids) - But Joanns Carries colorful faux leather as well

Measurements that I used:

For the neckband: I used scrap leather about 1/2 inch wide and 17 inches in length (you can measure your own kiddos neck to customize this - but it works for a 4-6 year old with a skinny neck:) 

For the bow tie: 2 inches by 8 inches

the small middle leather piece: 1/2 inch by 2 inches

1 || 
Start by sewing or glueing velcro to the long bow strap. Make sure the velcro is placed on the correct sides. 

(sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this step with the colorful leather, but it's the same thing)
place glue on the back side of bow tie rectangle and then fold in one side of the bow tie to the middle and then the other side, right on top of the glue. Hold down for a minute. 
Turn over your folded bow tie and then place a small dot of glue in the middle and pinch the top and bottom down. Then take your contrasting small rectangle and fold around the middle of bow tie. On the back, slide the neckband in and then wrap the small rectangle piece in place with glue. I used a hair clip to hold it in place while it dried :)

And then you're done!

faux leather and vinyl diy bow tie for little boys sunday outfit
bright and colorful leather bow tie tutorial using vinyl
make easy faux leather bow ties for little girls diy hair clips

- Havalah
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