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How To Cover Mini Notebooks With Fabric

This post will show you how to cover mini notebooks with fabric in 10 minutes or less. Cover large or mini composition with fabric just using modge podge!
how to cover mini notebooks with fabric using modge podge
In anticipation of having a baby at the end of July, I've been trying to plan a few outdoor adventures with the kiddos before the baby comes. Nothing complicated, just a few things to enjoy summer with them before my life is consumed by taking care and figuring out a new baby. 
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diy mini fabric covered notebooks for summer adventures
 Have you ever tried letterboxing? my friend took us a few months ago for the first time and my kiddos LOVED it. We finally again this past week as a family. Letterboxing is kind of a little scavenger hunt/outside hobby that other letterboxers will hide a weather proof boxes with a handmade stamp and notebook and then create clues in which they post on a public online forum for others to find. You can read more about it HERE and find letterboxes in your local area HERE. It is really fun for all ages. 
fabric covered notebook diy
Anyway, I thought it'd be fun if they had a notebook to use for our adventures whether letterboxing or something else and found this mini composition books at the store. I had some left over fabric from back packs that I made them so I decided to cover the books with the fabric. It was really easy to do and took me about 10 minutes to make all of them. 

How To Cover Mini Composition Notebooks with Fabric


notebook (you can get mini composition books HERE)
scrap fabric

1 || 
Open your book and lay it on the fabric. Cut around the book with fabric overlapping the book on top and bottom about 1/2" and 1" on each side.
2 || 
Start with the sides, add modge podge to the edges and fold over the sides and press closed. Then do the same thing to the top piece of the fabric. To make sure it will fit around the book nicely, place the book on top and fold down the top and bottom piece and make sure the book fits nicely. 

3 ||
Add modge podge to the from cover and fold the fabric on top and then do the same to the back of the book.
4 ||
Then fold add a little modge podge to the edge of the already folded fabric and fold over the edge of the book. Do the same to the back of the book. 
And there you go! you're done! Little fabric covered notebook ready for an adventure! Make sure you come back to get the nature scavenger hunt printable.
DIY fabric covered notebooks

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DIY fabric covered note books
how to make fabric covered notebooks no sew with modge podge

DIY how to make fabric covered notebooks using modge podge

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