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Nature Scavenger Hunt and Summer Adventures || Free Printable

A Nature Scavenger Hunt are perfect for a fabulous summer adventure. It's as easy as downloading the free nature scavenger hunt printable; there are two different versions to try out. 

nature scavenger hunt free printable for kids
As I mentioned in my last post (how to cover mini notebooks in fabric), I've been trying to plan "little adventures" for my kiddos before the baby comes (only 3 weeks away! but whose counting). These adventures have been to parks, bird watching, letter boxing, and some simple backyard adventures.
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diy nature books with old notebooks
Our favorite family adventure would probably going on walks around our house and to different nature parks and having picnics and just being in nature. Since we go on so many walks, I thought it'd be fun to put together a little nature scavenger hunt to go with their fabric covered notebooks that I made them.
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easy nature scavenger hunt with kids
 I even made some backpacks to hold their notebooks, snacks and printable scavenger hunt (go to end of post to download for free) 
printable nature scavenger hunt free
For your own summer adventures, download these free printable nature scavenger hunts for your kiddos. 

Nature Scavenger Hunt free printable

free printable nature scavenger hunt for summer adventures

nature scavenger hunt for kids free printable

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