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Easy DIY Little Witch Hermione Toddler Halloween Costume

This is an easy DIY little witch Hermione toddler costume perfect to quickly pull together with things in the closet. Make her little brother a train conductor of the Hogwarts Express to complete the duo.DIY toddler Witch costume Hermione Girl Halloween Costume
In the middle of August, Costco was already carrying costumes. I couldn't believe it, but of course that immediately got my kiddos thinking about Halloween. But now it's the middle of September and Halloween is SO much closer than I realized. 

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 And of course, it got me thinking about last Halloween. My 5 year old wanted to be Poe Dameron so my husband made him an X-Wing out of cardboard boxes. That then led to my 3 year old wanting to be a train so naturally, my husband made him a cardboard box train - See it HERE. When he was a baby, he was Dobby the house elf

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DIY Train Conductor Hogwarts express Halloween Costume out of cardboard boxes
He wanted his train red, so of course I naturally painted it based loosely off the Hogwarts Express. Which then led me to decide that the smallest member of the family should be a little gryffindor witch - aka Hermione Granger. So I made her a little witch Hermione toddler costume. Together they were the perfect pair, but we sadly we didn't get any pictures of them actually next to each other. 
DIY little witch Hermione Harry Potter girl toddler costume

DIY little witch Hermione Harry Potter girl toddler costume

Easy DIY Little Witch Hermione Toddler Costume:

- yellow cardigan. 
- Hogwarts Student Hat: I made hers out of felt
- The tie: I simply made out of felt an elastic. Super easy.
- Little Cauldron

And don't forget to make a DIY Harry Potter Wand or Pencil Wand to go with. 

easy little toddler witch hermione granger Harry Potter Hogwarts Gryffindor student costume
DIY felt tie for a Harry Potter Gryffindor Costume
hermione gryffindor costume Harry Potter girl toddler
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