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Marble Pumpkins Decorations Lanterns and Fall Front Porch Decoration

Fall is a wonderful time of year full of pumpkins and crisp air. These DIY marble pumpkin designs are perfect for Autumn to use inside or outside as front porch decoration. They are can be customize to any color. Thanks to Oriental Trading for supplying a few of these fun Fall Decoration Items. 
DIY farm fall front porch decoration with marble pumpkins and lanterns
I love fall. The change of weather from hot to crisp and warm air, the changing leaves, but I especially love pumpkin decorations and pumpkin deserts. As soon as September hits, I start scouting out the local thrift and dollar stores for fake pumpkins to make over. Go HERE for to see my marbelizing pumpkin tutorial from last year. 
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We have more pumpkin decorations than any other type of fall decor. But I don't care because I love it. My kids wish we had more scary stuff, but I just don't do scary. But I did compromise with silhouettes of bats on our walls; those don't seem so scary. 
use fake pumpkin decoration for outdoor fall decoration; a great fall decorating idea
I tested out my pumpkins on the porch and they were fun, but then after I took pictures of them, I tried them out by the piano and I liked having them where I could see them more so there they still are. 
easy autumn decoration with colorful pumpkins decoration and black lanterns
I saw these lanterns at Oriental Trading (I had no idea they carried those kind of things) and thought they would be fun to hold pumpkins and then could be changed out for other holiday items. They actually came with glass, but I have kids so I didn't bother putting the glass in. And guess what, the kids have already knocked them over and carried them ALL over the house, so....
pumpkin decorating ideas to use for inside Halloween home decor
the perfect DIY pumpkin painting idea to use for pumpkin decorations
I'm just loving my big DIY marble pumpkins. They were so easy to make and my kids loved helping me. And, you can never have too many pumpkin painting ideas right :)

DIY Marble Pumpkins


Step 1:
Spray paint the base of your pumpkin in your solid color of choice. I chose blue and white. Let dry completely. 

Step 2:
Fill large bucket with water (smaller bucket for smaller pumpkins). Quickly spray your contrasting spray paint in water and swirl with paint stick. Then quickly dip your pumpkin into the swirls and pull out. 

Click below to see a full picture tutorial 
pumpkins decoration putting pumpkins painted in lantern for autumn and fall home decoration

gold and silver marble pumpkin decoration ideas for cinderella fall theme

marble pumpkins painting ideas and crafts for autumn decoration

DIY marble pumpkins fall front porch decoration ideas

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