Toddler Hogwarts Express Train Engineer Halloween Costume made out of Cardboard Box

This fun Halloween  Train Costume was easy to put together. The actual train was made out of cardboard diaper boxes, duck tape and spray paint. It's the perfect Hogwarts Express for  your Harry Potter fan. 
Toddler Train Conductor Halloween Costume made out of cardboard box
I shared a bit ago HERE my little girl's Hermione little witch toddler costume. Well, I talked about how my second son decided he wanted to be a train conductor, so my husband made him a train out of cardboard boxes and I painted it black, gold and red for him. He was unofficially the hogwarts express.

cardboard box toy train halloween little boys costume

The Train Costume:

Vest: we used this vest that I made for my oldest when he was 3. 
The train hat:  you can buy anywhere, but we happen to have his dads from when he was a kid.
Bow tie: was made out of an old tie of my dads. 

The Cardboard Box Train:

It wasn't too difficult to make, just a few cardboard diaper boxes cut to size and shaped and then ducked taped together. Then we cut a hole in the middle and added straps for him to wear. It was perfect.

Fun how all the pieces came together. 

Hogwarts Express train Costume  train engineer costume Diaper boxes

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