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DIY Dragon Kids Costume Fire Breathing Mouth

Inspired by the picture book Dragon Love Tacos, this fire breathing dragon mouth is perfect to go with a dragon costume for a kids costume or just for dragon fun cosplay. Thanks to Oriental Trading for partnering with us for this post. 
DIY dragon face mask for kids dragon costume dragons love tacos
As soon as we started seeing Halloween costumes in the store in August, my kids started talking about what they wanted to be. While my oldest really wants to be spider man, my 4 year old decided he wanted to be a dragon. (p.s. have you seen my little girls Trolls Costume yet??)
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We stopped doing themed dressing up last year when my oldest was Poe Dameron in a homemade cardboard box X-Wing and my second wanted to be a Train Engineer in a Train Cardboard Box.

But this year, I figure he and our new baby boy can together be a theme from Dragons Love Tacos. Have you read it? it's one of our all time favorite books. So while he is a dragon, our baby boy is going to be a taco. I'm going to make his costume out of felt. 

kids Halloween costume from dragon loves taco dragon costume diy fire breathing dragon
easy diy dragon kids Halloween costume from dragon loves taco dragon costume
We found the perfect red dragon costume at Oriental Trading. They have all sorts of boy costumes. We thought it would be fun to take the costume one step further by making dragon fire, since dragons who eat spicy tacos breath fire :). 
DIY dragon costume mouth for kids costume
This is ridiculously easy and quick to make. Just be careful not to burn yourself with hot glue, like I did really bad. 

DIY Fire Breathing Dragon Mouth for Dragon Kids Costume


  • old toilet paper roll
  • matching felt with dragon costume
  • felt for fire - red, orange, yellow
  • skinny elastic
  • hot glue and glue gun
dragons love tacos supplies

Step 1: Cut Felt Triangles

Cut the yellow, orange, and red triangles so that they are long. Cut different widths. 
dragons love tacos costumes

Step 2: Layer Colors

Next, start with a bottom orange layer on the bottom, then glue the next layer of red then glue the last layer on top.
dragons love tacos dragon costumes fire

Step 3: Roll around toilet roll

Then roll the layers up and stuff inside the toilet paper roll. Hot glue inside of roll. 

Step 4: 

Finally cut a rectangle that can wrap around the toilet paper and glue to toilet paper roll. 
Such a fun thing for your little one to dress up and pretend to be a dragon. 
how to make dragon fire costume
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Kids Dragon Costume DIY Fire Breath Dragon Mouth

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