DIY Fabric Covered Button Magnets No Sew with scrap fabric

DIY Fabric Covered Button Magnets no sew with scrap fabric
For some reason, I love magnets, especially colorful ones that are kid friendly and that look snazzy. My magnet obsession probably drives my husband crazy; he is kind of a minimalist and likes a clear surface, but he loves me :). I especially am in love with these DIY fabric covered button magnets - no sew with scrap fabric!!

use covered button kits to make scrap fabric magnets
They are colorful and very functional. Plus they aren't very big but have strong magnets so very effective in their use. Also, they are SUPER easy and quick to make. They don't they match fabric so you could totally use favorite scrap fabric. 
use covered button kits to make scrap fabric magnets

DIY Fabric Covered Button Magnets - No Sew with Scrap Fabric


fabric magnet buttons
First you want to take off the back of the buttons; pliers would work best here. Just gently pull it off. fabric magnet buttons
Next, cut your fabric in a circle but so it's twice the size of your button. You could also cut your fabric into small squares. fabric magnet buttons
Now place the fabric in the white button maker tool, then place your button on that with the top side of the bottom touching the fabric. fabric magnet buttons
Then push the button into the fabric and into the white button maker tool.
fabric magnet buttons
Use your fingers or the blue part of the button maker and fold the fabric down over the button. fabric magnet buttons
Now take the back of the button maker and place on top of the folded fabric. Then press it in really well. You can also use the blue part here to push the back on. fabric magnet buttons
And there you have it, the cutest customized button!
fabric magnet buttons
Finally, you need to glue your heavy duty magnet on. And you're done!
fabric magnet buttons
And there you have it! They'd make a great little gift for anyone. You can customize it to match your home decor. 
easy no sew scrap fabric project using fabric to make fabric covered buttons
use kona solids samples or fabric stash to make cute button magnets
cute little colorful and bright magnets made out of kona solids scrap fabric into fabric covered button magnets

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diy fabric covered button magnets making buttons out of scrap fabric

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