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Colorful Easy Word String Art Tutorial

String art can be a fun way to add a statement piece to home decor in a bedroom or living area. It can be as simple as a inspiring word or as complicated as an object. An easy way to customize with any color of embroidery thread. 
Inspiring Word String Art Tutorial and tips
 In my church, there has been a past tradition of doing a Super Saturday with our Women's organization called Relief Society. Usually, once a year (usually at the end of a year) a whole Saturday will be planned at our church to do multiple crafts and mini classes.
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Well, I'm currently the Activity Leader for such activities in my ward and we decided to do a smaller version of such an activity on a Thursday instead; we called it Thrilling Thursday even though we kept calling it Super Saturday because old habits die hard :)
simple word art pattern and tutorial and tips
Anyway, for our Thursday craft, we picked just one craft that everyone could sign up for. Since we had to plan for 30+ women, it needed to be an affordable craft and something most people would enjoy and could do. Seriously, this is such a hard task especially with a very mixed level of crafty and not so crafty people. 
simple heart string art tutorial
I honestly didn't expect many people to want to do this craft, but when I brought the be kind as an example for them to see, 30+ people signed up. I was super excited that people wanted to do it, but that meant I had to pre-cut and pre-stain 30+ pieces of wood :). 
thanksgiving word string art idea
But, thanks to my super awesome and helpful husband, the wood was quick to cut and the staining only took an hour. It was a lot of wood to stain, but with two people staining it went quick.  

Colorful Easy Word String Art Tutorial


8 x 10 wood cut out for string art
I wanted to do something that was quick and easy. I figured the 3D style string art would be a little too time intensive, so I stuck with a simple font word idea. I simply measured the wood and typed up various inspiring words and printed them to fit the wood. For the 5x12, an 8.5x11 was perfect for this. 
word art tutorial using a drill to pre dill holes

String Art Tips:

1 Mark dots: 

Mark dots on your template where you want your nails and do your best to line them up with your other dots. 

2 Less Nails: 

For word art, the less nails looks better and is easier for you (well I think so, my be kind had less nails and my thankful more you decide what you like better). Around curve parts of letters you might need a couple extra

3 Tape:

After you mark your dots, tape your paper onto your wood. 

4 Pre drill and Nail: 

Now you can start nailing onto your dots that you marked or you can pre-drill - I read that trick on Sugar Bee Crafts and it is genius!! Just drill in 1/4"; I suggest putting tape on your drill so you know how far to drill in. 

Here are a couple of the ones that others did that night. I wish I would have taken more pictures of others, but I was so caught up helping others I totally forgot. 
believe for a simple word string art idea pattern for Christmas decoration
A valentine love string art pattern
 I actually didn't finish my thankful one that night, but I love it so much, it will probably stay up all year.

Simple and easy string art craft idea for any day of year

A easy, simple colorful string art craft and pattern idea
easy inspirational string art word pattern and crafty decoration

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