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Camping is Intense DIY Camping Shirt

camping shirt using heat transfer vinyl and cutting machine
Are you a camper? we used to camp all the time...before we had kids that is. Then camping got a little more intense for us 😉 and we have gone less often. But even though we don't go as much, when my husband or I use the word "intense" in any way, one of us is bound to say some joke about camping and tents. 

I really do like camping though and my goal for this summer is to attempt a tree house camping trip. I know, that's not real camping but it's outside and it's closer than staying in a hotel. 
Camping shirt using heat transfer vinyl and silhouette machine
Anyway, having 4 littles has suddenly made this shirt even more real to me. Even though it's midwinter, I can't help but long for summer days when camping is even possible. So here's to dreaming about summer. And YOU can make your own shirt. 

Camping is Intense DIY Camping Shirt

Cutting Machine
Printable Heat Transfer Paper (great if you don't have a cutting machine)

Step 1. First, Before you cut your files, make sure it is a mirror image. Cut it out and weed out the negative vinyl.
Step 2. Next, place your design on the desired spot on the shirt.
 Step 3. Lastly, use a piece of fabric as a protector and place on top of the vinyl. On the hottest setting and move the iron around for 40-60 seconds and iron the vinyl onto the shirt. Once it adheres and cools, pull the plastic part off.
Happy Camping!!

DIY Crafty Camping shirt for summer camps and summer vacation using heat transfer vinyl or printable heat transfer paper!!

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