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Edible Chocolate Play Dirt and Mini Plastic Trucks

For hours of fun, this edible dirt doesn't have any added sugar and is a great inside activity for cold winter day inside activities or really hot summer day indoor activities. 
edible dirt for trucks or dinosaurs
I was going through old pictures and came across the kids playing with edible chocolate play dirt. They loved it so much and played with it and their mini plastic trucks for a long time. I even stored it in the fridge for them to play with during the month that I made it. 

edible play dirt for toy trucks
The best part is that it's looks like dirt but all of the ingredients are edible and there is no sugar added. Honestly though, the kids didn't want to eat it, but just loved having a place for their mini plastic tractors and mini plastic dinosaurs.

cocoa play dirt for mini plastic toy trucks or mini plastic dinosaurs
This time of year is definitely the a good time to make it again for them. Especially if you and them need a good inside activity to do. You could even get some plastic letters out and have them hide the letters in the dirt and do a finding game. Or just leave them at it to have fun. The trucks I think I got them 
winter or summer indoor activity play dirt

Edible Chocolate Play Dirt 


Mix all the ingredients together and just add cars! Seriously the quickest thing to mix together for hours of fun. 

edible dirt made out of chocolate to play with mini plastic trucks or mini plastic animals
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