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Fleece Lined Crocheted Headband Free Crochet Pattern

This crocheted headband is easy to make and lined with fleece to add extra warmth. This is a quick crochet project and can be made in all colors of yarn. 
Fleece lined crocheted headband free crochet pattern
 It's been a while since I've crocheted anything. Like this chunky scarf and winter headband might be the last thing I've made. Or the last thing I can remember. But I've been needing some more headbands since I wear them while running during the winter.

crochet headband free pattern for your winter project
I actually made this during our LDS General Conference weekend and realized how much I missed crocheting and why I used to love it. It can really be relaxing to do something repetitive and that doesn't require too much thinking. To make it extra warm, I sewed a fleece lining into. Plus this helps with any itchiness (or if the feeling of yarn isn't your thing)
free hat crochet pattern for a headband lined fleece

Fleece Lined Crocheted Headband Free Crochet Pattern

First chain 11.
Row 1 - Single crochet in each chain.
Row 2 until end - Now you're going to do a back loop only single crochet stitch. That means, instead of going through both loops (as usual), you will hook your hook through the back loop. See picture below. You will do this for all the rows until the end. This will create a fun texture in your headband.
Repeat your back loop only single crochet in every row until you have enough rows for the headband to fit around your head. I like to add a button and elastic on the back, so I make the headband so there is an inch to small on my head.
textured headbandAdding fleece (optional) Once you're done, cut your fleece so it is the same length and width as your crocheted headband.
textured fleeced headbandUsing matching thread, sew your fleece onto the headband. Make sure to add the elastic loop under the fleece at one end of the fleece.
crocheted fleeced headbandThen sew on a button and you're done. *Note: if you don't want to do a button and elastic, just stitch the ends together to make the headband into a circle.
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fleece lined headband crocheted headband free pattern
fleece lined headband crocheted headband free pattern

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