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Easy Zipper Bag with Personalized Embroidery Teacher Gift Idea

This zipper bag is the perfect beginner sewing project. Add a teachers name written by your child using embroidery for a personalized teacher gift. 
teacher gift idea easy zipper bag with child embroidery
I love giving homemade gifts when I have time to make them. Something about homemade that is so wonderful. Zipper bags are my favorite to make because you can use any fabric and they are such a quick sew.
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I even added tabs to this one which are so easy to do, but sometimes I'm lazy (but they really are easy)
child hand embroidery of teachers name for a teacher appreciation week gift
Last year for my boy's teacher gift, I made this little zipper bag with my son's hand writing turned lettering. He is always asking to help me sew so I had him stitch the name on, well I had to finish it but he did most of it. His teacher just loved it, especially since it was in his handwriting. Fill it with teacher's favorite things. 

Easy Zipper Bag with Zipper Tabs - Add embroidered name of teacher to personalize. 


2 pieces outer fabric 9 x 6 
2 pieces fabric for lining 9 x 6
zipper 9" or 8" - we want it to be 1" shorter than the bag so we'll be shortening it. 
1 piece of fabric for zipper tabs (in contrast fabric - could be same as lining) 3x3
Sewing Clips

Step 1: Add Embroidery

If you want to add a personalized name in embroidery, have your kiddo draw their teachers name on to a piece of paper about the same size as the outer fabric. Then using a washable fabric pen, sketch it on to one of the fabric pieces. Then start stitching the name on. 

Step 2: Iron Tabs

Now on to sewing. Grab your tabs and fold in half iron, then open and fold the sides in so they touch center and then fold again and iron. 
Then cut the tab right in half. 

Step 3: Sew tabs on Zipper

Now take your zipper and make it 8" if it isn't already. Just measure and cut on the end of the zipper - go here for a good visual how to. Then place the tabs on both sides of zipper. Sew in place. 

Step 4: Sew on Zipper

Now we're going to sandwich your zipper inside one of the outer fabrics and the lining. Place your zipper right side together with the outer fabric.
 Line the zipper up so that there is a half inch on each side of it. The lining will be also touching the outside fabric right side together with it. 
 Now using your zipper foot, your going to sew those layers from the start of one tab to the end of the other tab. Flip over and do the same with the other outer fabric and lining on the other side of zipper.

 Step 5: Top Stitch Zipper

Now flip everything out with wrong sides together of both sides, top stitch along both sides of zipper from end of one tab to the end of the other tab.  

Step 6: Sew Around

 Next, make sure your zipper is unzipped, flip the other fabric to be touching the other outer fabric right sides together and the lining fabric touching each other right side together. Starting on the lining side, sew all the way around leaving a 3 inch gap.

 Step 7: 

Flip inside out, sew up the bottom of the lining and push it in to the bag. SO easy!! right!?!

easy zipper bag with tabs perfect for a gift bag - a great beginner sewing tutorial
Easy zipper bag that is lined make it a teacher gift by adding a hand embroidered name

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