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DIY Colorful Wooden Pacifier Clip

These DIY natural wood pacifier clips are very easy to make and can be customized with color blocked wood beads for a fun, colorful baby clip. They are even perfect for a quick baby shower gift. 
Remember those color blocked stained wood bead garland I made last year? Well, I had so many of those beads left over, I decided they'd be really fun to add to binky/teething baby clip. Both my sisters just had boys, so it was a perfect time to try it out. 

Honestly, I made one for my own little babe and even though he refuses to take a binky now, it's great for his toys or a bottle. I can just clip it on to his car seat or stroller and then when he's done with his toy and decides to through it as far as possible, it won't go anywhere - score Mom 1 Baby 0 :).
It was ridiculously easy to make. I almost want to use it for myself, you know to hold my chap stick of course. But really, that's actually a good idea, I'll always know where it is ; ). I love the natural wood part of the clip and how it makes it feels modern yet classic. 

DIY Wooden Pacifier Clip


First cut your cord about 10 inches. Tie a not around the pacifier clip. Double knot it.
Next, add your beads. I did 6. Then loop the other end (big enough that you'll be able to loop it around the binky or baby toy or even bottle) and tie it off. Make sure the knot is really tie; you don't want those beads slipping off. And that's it! see so easy!!
Now you are ready to go make a ton and give them to all your friends!!
an easy how to for making a color blocked wooden binky clip for babies binkies or teething toys
DIY wooden toy or pacifier clip perfect for baby shower gifts

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