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Baby Bandana Drooling and Spit up Bib - Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

These baby bandana bibs are perfect for babies who drool or spit up often. The snaps make it easy to come on and off. This is the perfect pattern for a beginner sewer. 
diy baby bandana free sewing pattern - easy sewing tutorial or beginner sewing project
When I had my first little baby, I didn't get why so many people gave me bibs. He rarely spit up large amounts of milk and I didn't bottle feed him, so I didn't see the point. But them my second little boy came along...And boy did he spit up all the time. There was nothing wrong with him, he was just a little spitter. 

baby kerchief tutorial with free sewing pattern
A friend had made me a banana bib and we used it for him all the time. Now fast forward to my fourth little guy, I decided I needed to make some more especially since he also liked to spit up and drool a lot. These bibs were SO easy to make and they're so darn cute. The little plastic snap in the back is perfect for ease of putting on and off. 

p.s. I wish my babes could keep those cheeks for ever! they're just so cute and chubby!

 Baby Bandana Drool/Spit up Baby Bib


Fabric - Knit or flannel work great
Snaps - I used KAM snaps
Baby Kerchief Banana Pattern Free Download HERE

Step 1: Cut Pattern Out 

After you download your pattern, cut two sides of the banana. You can do the same fabric pattern, or do two different patterns. 
sew baby drooling bib

Step 2: Sew

Next, line the two sides up and right side together. Sew all the way around leaving a 2 to 3 inch gap open on any part. Then turn right side out. 

Add snaps to baby bib

Step 3: Add Snaps

Finally, iron it and then you're going to top stitch the whole thing as well as the open gap. Last add snaps or velcro. And that's it! Such an easy project and the perfect homemade baby shower gift.

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