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DIY Shark Shirts for Shark Week with heat transfer vinyl

These shark shirts are easy to make using heat transfer vinyl and are perfect to make just in time for shark week. You will feel jawsome in these shirts. 

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make your own shark shirt for shark week

duh....duh...duh.......duh Before my oldest started talking in full sentences, he could hum the theme to Jaws. And no, we did not let him watch a single part of the Jaws movie, but we did teach him theme. I mean, everyone knows that is the sound a shark makes. 

If you need some more shark projects:

He even had a set of sharks that he could name each of the different type of sharks. Now he's into dinosaurs, but that's ok he still knows most of the sharks. 
jawsome shark shirt for kids
So of course, Shark week is definitely a favorite week in our house. We always seem to be on vacation during that week, a couple of times it was beach vacation which made shark week even scarier! But, that never seemed to scare my kids. Thank goodness we live on the west coast in PNW where the water is way to cold to swim in.

Thus, I had to make some DIY shark shirts for shark week using heat transfer vinyl for my boys. One says Feeling Jawesome, and the other just Jawsome
shark week clothing apparel

DIY Shark Shirts for Shark Week


Step 1: Download design

First download or design your design.

Step 2: Cut design

Make sure you flip your image so the words are backwards, then cut for heat transfer settings. 

Step 3: Iron and wear

For the Jawesome, I ironed the shark first and then cut the words in a different color and the ironed on top of the shark. So easy and it looks really cool. Seriously, these shirts will be perfect for shark week.
And you might enjoy this shark sweatshirt as well:

diy shark shirt jawsome heat transfer vinyl
shark week shark shirt heat transfer vinyl

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