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How to Sew a Pineapple Fleece Pillow Softy

This DIY pineapple pillow is made out fleece and easy to sew. It's the perfect beginner sewer project and can be snuggled by all ages. Bring summer to your couch with this fluffy fleece pineapple pillow. This post first appeared on Consumer Craft Blog

how to make a pineapple pillow
As you may know by know, we have a pineapple fetish over here. Like this pineapple coloring page or this pineapple cake or these pineapple leggings. It's cooling down...sort of. It all started with the show Pysch which you can read about here

free pineapple pattern for pillow
So you get the point, we love pineapple. It seemed fitting that I make a pineapple pillow as well. I started with one and gave her one and then made another for us. I used a soft towel fleece for the pineapple and regular fleece for the green. It's definitely more huggable than an actual pineapple. Also it's really easy to make and I've included a free sewing pattern below so grab your supplies and dust your sewing machine off. 
an easy pineapple toy softy

How to Sew a Pineapple Fleece Pillow or Softy

Fleece in green and yellow
fabric for pineapple

Step one: Cut out Pineapple

First cut out the pineapple pattern. Cut out of the yellow fabric two of the bottom of the pineapple and two for the top of the pineapple. For the bottom of the pineapple, the pattern will indicate that you cut on the fold for each piece.
cut out pineapple pattern

Step two: Sew Pineapple Lines

After it is cut out, it’s time to make diagonal sewing lines on the yellow fabric. Make your lines about 3 1/2 inches apart from each other. To make the lines straight while sewing, I placed tape right to next to where I wanted to sew. The first time I did it, I accidentally sewed on the tape and it was hard to get the tape off, so be careful and DON’T sew on the tape if you use tape. Once you do one side, then do diagonal lines on the other side. As pictured below.
sewing lines on pineapple pillow

Step three: Sew top to bottom

Now your going to take one tops and right sides together, sew the bottom of green to the top of the pineapple. Do this to the other side as well.
sewing top of pineapple pillow

Step four: sew both sides

Now, your going to place the pineapple right side together. Stuff the green top inside, make sure the top green isn't in the way and is well stuffed in the middle of the two yellow (ignore the picture below, I wanted to show you that the green is sandwiched in the middle). The green will get sewn together next.
sewing pineapple pillow

Step five: Sew top and stuff

Once the yellow has been sewn, flip it right sides out. Now we'll sew the green together. Leave a gap in the leaves. After you sew, stuff the pineapple and then finish it up by sewing it closed. That's it!
instructions for pineapple pillow
sew a pineapple softy pillow out of fleece
how to sew a pineapple pillow

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