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Unicorn Hobby Horse DIY using fleece and faux fur

Learn how to make a Unicorn hobby horse out of fleece and faux fur. This unicorn is made in the style of a hobby horse and It is very simple to make.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOANN. The text, project and opinions are all mine :). 
unicorn hobby horse diy with fleece and faux fur
If you like to sew, you make like this floral sewing machine sticker:
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Not sure how or when it happened, but my little girl suddenly fell in love with Unicorns. She even told me one day "when I am 6 I will ride a unicorn!" #reallifegoals. Quite the goal said with much gusto and confidence. 

And thus, I knew exactly what I would make her for her birthday. I thought it out and planned out a DIY hobby horse turned unicorn. I was definitely inspired by the unicorn hobby horse over at live it.make it love it. I also had to make her a unicorn sweatshirt to match (similar to the Dinosaur sweatshirt and Shark sweatshirt). 
homemade unicorn sweatshirt dress up hoodie
I was so happy to find that JOANN had a plethora of colorful fur but it was this multicolor faux fur that I decided would be perfect for unicorn hair.  I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but I was happy that it was easier than I expected. 
colorful unicorn hobby horse toy horse diy

Unicorn Hobby Horse - Felt and Stick Horse


 DIY unicorn hobby horse stick supplies

Step 1 - Cut out fabric:

Cut out two of horses head. Cut 2 of white ears and cut 2 contrasting colors ears. For the fur cut a rectangle 16x7: 
unicorn hobby horse free pattern

Step 2: Sew fur inside

Fold the fur in half hot dog style right sides together. Sandwich the fur between the two fleece layers of unicorn head. Have the top of the fur be right above the eye. The edge of the wrong side of the fur will be lined up with the edge of the unicorn sides. 
adding colorful hair for unicorn horse
insert unicorn hair into unicorn toy

 Step 3: Sew

Sew around the edges of the head leaving the bottom open. Sew the ears the same way with one color matched up with a white ear. Turn both right sides out. Stuff the unicorn head with pillow fluff. DO not stuff the ear.
sew around unicorn
For the ear, fold the bottom of ear over and sew it.  
hand sew unicorn ears
how to sew unicorn horn

 Step 4: Sewing the Unicorn Horn

For the horn, sew right sides together leaving bottom open. Then turn right side out and stuff with pillow fluff.
hand sew unicorn horn
 Then hand sew up the bottom of the unicorn horn.
hand stitch unicorn horn

Step 5: Final Steps

Now to bring it all together. Hand stitch the horn onto the head below the hair line. Then attach the ears by hand sewing them a little further back. The hair will probably be sticking up, you may want to hand stitch it down onto the fleece head to make it lie flat and smooth. Stick the stick inside the head and glue it on or tie in place with string.

 Optional eyes, I cut eyes on heat transfer vinyl using my silhouette machine and a design I found in the silhouette design store. But you could easily just paint eyes on with fabric paint. 
DIY Unicorn hobby horse Free pattern heat transfer vinyl eyes
And that's it. 
DIY unicorn hobby horse free pattern

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