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Chunky Finger Knitted Infinity Scarf With Loopity Loop and EZ Yarn

As fall and winter come closer, something about warm crocheted or knitted scarves that is hygge and is part of the essence of winter. Bernat Blanket EZ yarn and  Loopity Loops is perfect and very easy to use to make a comfy and soft infinity scarf.
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thick knitted scarf with bernat blanket ez yarn
September is one of my favorite months. The temperature is finally going down and usually we still have sunny days before the winter rain sets in. (P.S. I also made a new Hello Fall sign and a new colorful fall wreath, make sure you check out!) Also, the lower temperatures mean that I can start wearing scarves again. Are you a scarf wearer? My favorite scarf is my chunky scarf with leather which I made out of a thick neutral color yarn.  I also have a thing with leather, I love using it for home decor (like my Leather covered Ottoman) and on my  sweater with leather pockets. I could probably go on with all the things that I’ve made with leather, but you can go check them all out yourself.
blanket knitted scarf with leather scrap
leather scarf accented crocheted winter scarf
chunky bernat blanket scarf
This scarf isn’t too different from my other chunky croched scarf, but this time I didn’t use a needle, I used my fingers and this new type of yarn called Loopity Loops which is made up of loops. At first I skeptical about crocheting or knitting without any needles, but it was really easy and still really fun. I first made a scarf just to try it out, but now I’m working a big throw blanket using Bernats Blanket EZ yarn which also contains loops. I really can’t wait to finish it in time for the cold and rainy days.
loopity loopsbernat loops

How to Make your own Chunky Finger Knitted Infinity Scarf


Watch Video below to see how to finger knit with this loop yarn

Step 1:

Decided how wide you want your scarf to be (this is not the length). I did mine by counting 10 loops and then I started finger knitting.
chunky blanket scarf tutorial bernat ez loop

Step 2:

Knit row after row until you get to your desired length. Wrap it around  your neck and hold ends together to see if it’s at the right length.
chunky knit scarf tutorial bernat ez loop tutorial

Step 3:

Once you are satisfied with your length, you going to finish off the scarf by takin both ends and holding them together. Now take each loop and insert them into a corresponding loop on the other end. See pictures below.
chunky knit scarf tutorial bernat ez loop
chunky crocheted scarft tutorial loop

Step 4:

Once you have all the loops poking through the other side, finish off the scarf as seen in the video.

Step 5:

The final step is to then attach a small rectangular leather piece. Decide how big you want it to be and then cut accordingly. Then using E-6000, wrap the leather around the part where the two ends meet and glue the leather to itself and then let it dry.
blanket yarn scarf

chunky finger knitted scarf with leather
bernat blanket ez yarn scarf

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