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DIY Unicorn Sweatshirt Sewing Tutorial

This unicorn sweatshirt is a fun way to dress up a hoodie to use as a part of a unicorn costume or as a dress up or just to wear every day. Grab a hoodie and some colorful fur. 

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DIY unicorn sweatshirt tutorial via sisters, what
I shared in July the Unicorn Hobby horse that I made for my little girl for her birthday. Since I had some of this fun colorful faux fur left over, I had to make her a unicorn sweatshirt to go with it.

I figured since I have made for my boys a shark sweatshirt dress up and a dinosaur hoodie costume that I could easily make a unicorn hoodie. I knew that she would be stoked especially with this colorful faux fur

unicorn sweater sewing project
For the eyes lashes, I used glitter heat transfer vinyl for the eyelashes and they have held up really well through multiple washes. Seriously, I love how it turned out and hope it will fit her for a while. I just might make myself a unicorn hoodie. 
DIY unicorn hoodie clothing and toy horse

DIY Unicorn Sweatshirt (hoodie) Tutorial

Sweatshirt/hoodie (great way to refashion an old sweatshirt)
Sparkly Fabric for horn

I was pretty excited about this unicorn sweatshirt refashion that I only made a video and did not take any pictures. So, please reference the video for a visual how to. Below I will include more detail steps:

unicorn hoodie supplies faux fur

Step 1 - Cut the Unicorn Hair (fur): 

For the fur, it really is personal preference, I did length of hood (from top to the neck line) x for desired width. Mine ended up being 12 x 4. I actually cut it longer and wider than that and tested it out by pinning it in to place to get an idea of how much I wanted it to stick out. 

When you cut the faux fur, I recommend cutting a tiny cut and then tearing it. This will create less of a mess with the fur. 

Step 2 - Cut hood

Now you want to cut down the middle of the hood just to the neckline. 

Step 3 - Cut the Unicorn Horns

Download the unicorn horns pattern and cut out 2. Sew around the whole thing, but leave the bottom open. Turn right side out and stuff. 

Step 4 - Cut Hole for Horn

About two inches in from end of one side of the fur, cut a slot hole that the horn can fit in. Pull horn through so that it is sticking out the right side of fur. 

Step 5 - Sew Hood

Now fold your fur wrong sides together with the horn sticking out the top. Open your hood so that the wrong side is facing down and outside of hood is facing up towards you. Place fur with horn on top of the hood. You want the raw edges of fur to be lining up with the raw edges of hood. Right side of fur will be touching outside of hood. Make sure your horn side of fur is on the top of the hood. Not seen well in video, but you want to tuck some of the front fur down so that it kind of curves at the top of hoodie and so no raw edges of fur is sewing, does that make sense?

Then you want to place the other side of hood with outside touching the top of the fur. You will be basically sandwiching the fur inside of hood. Sew hood up slowly. You might need to use a denim needle because of the thickness of fabric. 

I had a lining that I had to sew up after the hood was finished, but most hoodies don't have a lining. 

If you have  a serger, serge the raw edges. If you don't, use a zig zag stitch.
unicorn eyelash iron on vinyl

Step 6: *optional Eyelashes

For the eyelashes, I found a eyelash design on Silhouette studio and then cut it out with glitter heat transfer vinyl. If you don't want to do that, you could cut out the vinyl with felt and glue them on with e6000. 
unicorn heat transfer vinyl expression vinyl
unicorn sweatshirt sewing stick horse
Sorry if you're at all confused, please comment if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. 
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