How to create a Living room and Playroom

Here are a few tips on how to create a play room and a living room in the same space. This post in partnership with Tee Pee Joy, all opinions and words are my own.
how to create as one a living room and play area
Toys, I love them and hate them at the same time. I love that my kids love them, but I hate them all over the place. 

We live in a house that has a front living room which then it leads right into the kitchen and into a smaller living area. The upstairs are only bedrooms which are considerably small. We decided not to keep toys in their rooms because of the small space and the distraction it was for them when it was time for bed. (see our DIY play kitchen here)

fun diy kids play kitchen
So what is the solution to making your living room also your play room and not be overcome with toys everywhere? Well I have a few tips for you below
kids play area and reading nook

How to Create a Living Room and Playroom Tips

1. Store Toys in Garage

So I'm sure this seems like a weird place to keep toys and I was totally skeptical when my husband suggested it. I was worried the garage would get messy with toys and I thought the kids (and me) would hate them being out there. However I told him I'd give it a try. Which leads to my number 2 tip

2.  One toy out at a time

So, maybe two or three toys, but I have 4 kids and they don't always want to play with the same toy. If they want a new toy, they have to clean up the current toys and put them away properly (if they can reach). Then they can get out a new toy. This is the best rule ever because they end up playing with one toy longer because they only have one toy out (sometimes two if they share with a sibling). 

3. Clean up toys when done

Like I already said, they need to clean up when they are done playing with their toys. This teaches them to clean up everyday and helps keep the living room clean of toys. 
kids reading tent
a diy play kitchen in living room

4. Create a Kid Area

So we actually allow one toy to be in the house, and that is the kids play kitchen. Teepee Joy also sent me a tent to try out and that has been a fun addition to their little area. I love that the tent can be easily folded up and stuck in the corner or garage out of site when not in use. They usually like to set the tent up right next to the kitchen and their bookcase so they can read their books. 
living room and play room in same area Since we got toys out of their play area and out of site, the living room and play area is SO much more enjoyable for me and the kids. They tend to only play with a few toys at a time and it doesn't feel like the toys are everywhere. This solution isn't for everyone, but it has so far been great for us these past few years. 
fun reading tee pee tent

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