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How to Crochet a Pillow Case Cover

Learn how to crochet a pillow case cover. It's much easier than it looks and is a perfect beginner crochet project. Use a soft, chunky yarn to add a bit of texture. 

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chunky crochet pillow pattern tutorial
A couple of years ago I came across this soft, chunky yarn that seemed perfect for a pillow case cover. I decided to turn it into a envelope pillow case cover that could be removed. Once I figured out how wide I needed it to be, it was just straight crochet stitches and not very much thinking. It was a great beginning of winter project to get me into a hygge mood. Something wintery about a good hygge crochet project.

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modern crochet pillow pattern
Sometimes you just need a good winter crochet project to help get through the long, dark days of winter. The color works great with the grey of our couch and with our DIY Leather Ottoman. I think this chunky crochet pillow cases would be easy to make in many different colors to change for the different seasons of the year. If you're new to crocheting, this is the perfect beginner crochet project. Like I said, it's just a straight stitch that your turning into a rectangle shape. Then you'll do a basic whip stitch to turn it into an envelope crocheted pillow. 
crochet removable pillow cover
For this one, I used my favorite HDC stitch (half double crochet). I love the texture the stitch makes especially with a chunky yarn, which is also my favorite type of yarn. You can see me use this stitch on my leather bound scarf
how to cover a pillow case cover

How to Crochet a Pillow Case Cover

Chunky Yarn pillow tutorial supplies:

Step 1:

First, begin by measuring your pillow and making a chain the width of your pillow.
how to crochet a pillow
Row 1: half double crochet in each chain.
Row 2: (and until the end) Now your going to keep doing half double crochet but within the back loop only instead of through both loops like you would regularly do. You will then keep doing this for every row until you are finished. 

how to crochet a pillow
You want to keep repeating those rows until it can wrap around your pillow and overlap just a little (we're going an envelope style pillow). If you suddenly wrap it around your pillow and find that the edges don't match up, don't worry! that happened to me but I wasn't worried because crochet stitches are stretchy and when I sewed it up in the end, I was able to stretch easily of the pillow with now issues).
crochet pillow case cover tutorial

Step 2:

After you have finally finished crocheting all your rows and you find it over laps your pillow, you want to fold it in on itself (don't do this on the pillow) and have it over lap just a little.  See image below for a crude example of what you'll do.
how to crochet a pillow case cover easy

Step 3:

Now you're going to get your yarn needle and thread it with left over pillow yarn and start stitching up the sides of the pillow using a whip stitch. It should blend in nicely with your crocheting.
crochet envelope pillow cover tutorialcrochet envelope pillow cover
Finally put it on your pillow form and your done!

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