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DIY Patterned Wooden Easter Eggs

These colorful wood Easter eggs are so easy to make using colorful vinyl and natural wood eggs. You can stain the wood eggs or simply leave as the natural wood. Add some pattern vinyl for a pop of color. 

make patterned easter eggs
I don't mind winter, I really don't. I love the rain, especially as I fall asleep. But there definitely comes a time near February and March as the days get longer and there's the teasing of warmer weather ahead. It's then that I'm fully ready for spring. Spring is such an exciting time full of hope and color. Babies, eggs and little bright colorful flowers popping through the dirt. It's a time to hope for a chance to start again. Can you tell I LOVE Easter and celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.

diy colorful decorated wood easter eggs

We don't really decorate for Easter, but I do love having fake eggs around the house for the kids to play with. Also they are a great symbol of the true meaning of Easter. Last year I was inspired by these wooden eggs and thought they would be beautiful with a little pattern. And they turned out just as I imagined!
diy rainbow easter eggs

DIY Patterned Wooden Easter Eggs


Step 1: Cut Vinyl with Cutting Machine

First, using your electronic cutting machine or your handy dandy scissors, cut out your shapes or patterns for the eggs. I couldn't pick just one color so I went with all my favorites :).

Step 2: Stain Wooden Egg

Next you want to stain your eggs, or if you like the raw wood look, then just leave them as they are. 

Step 3: Add Colorful Vinyl to Eggs

After the stain has completely dried, apply your vinyl to your eggs. The vinyl didn't stick as well as I liked, so I really had to rub it on there. If some of your designs don't stick well, apply a coat of matte Modge Podge to it to help it stay on. And you are done! It's that easy to make some super cute and fun Easter decor. Now all you need to do is display and enjoy your fun Easter egg designs!!
DIY wooden colorful Easter egg tutorial

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Stained Rainbow Easter Eggs with Vinyl

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