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Crocheted Hair Bows or Bow tie tutorial

These crocheted bows are so fun to make and would make cute hair bow clips, on head bands, or for little boys bow tie. So many fun colors of yarn you could make these out of. 
crochet hair bow
Since having a little girl, my husband decided she would not have bangs. Mostly because of the maintenance of the bangs or something, I'm still not totally sure why :). Either way, as long as she has had hair, we've been clipping it back. As you can imagine, we have LOTS of bows and clips. She is finally at age to finally want to wear them. 

fun modern hair bows crocheted tutorial
Since I do love crocheting as a form of relaxing and slowing down, I thought I'd make some bows for her. But, this is also a quick crochet project and perfect for a beginner. Have you seen my past crochet posts? My Snake Headband, Textured Headband and Chunky Scarf?

DIY Crocheted Hair Bow

Darice Yarn Various Colors
I - Hook
yarn supplies hair bows

Step 1:

First decide how big you want your bows. I made some in various sizes. For the blue I chained 12. After chaining 12, go back and do single crochet stitch

Step 2: 

Now when you go back again, you are going to do single crochet in the back loop only. This will add texture to the bow. Do this for 12 rows

Step 3:

Now finish it off by doing single crochet around the whole bow. This will give a it polished look. Then tie some thread around the middle of the bow and pull tight and start wrapping the thread around.

Step 4: 

After wrapping for a bit, tie it off and you're done.

Step 5:

Last thing to do is slip in a hair clip onto the back. Also clip any long threads. That's it! So many more things you could use these crocheted bows for: Bow ties for boys, on necklaces, even on dresses. And so many fun yarn out there to make them with.

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easy DIY crocheted bows tutorial
Crocheted hair bow tutorial

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