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How to Cut out Fabric Letters and Add to a Bag

A great fabric buster is cutting out fabric letters and putting them on a bag. You can spell a favorite phrase or someones name. The tutorial is easy and can be done with or without a cutting machine. 
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Last year, I wanted to do a teacher gift for my son's teacher that was homemade but also something that fit her. She was a hard teacher to come up with something, but finally I decided to do a tote bag with her name on it. I have lots of scrap fabric, so it was a great way to use those scraps up. She also did donuts days, so I even put a donuts on the bag SEE HERE
If you like to sew, you make like this floral sewing machine sticker:
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I loved how his teacher one turned out, that I ended up making a "be the good" for us. I love all the scrap fabrics and how they come together so nice. Because I know not everyone has a cutting machine, I did include a tutorial on how to make one of these bags without. It might take a bit longer, but the result can be the same!

How to cut Fabric Letters and Add to a Bag


How to  Cut out Fabric letters without a Cutting Machine:

1. Type up your words on a word document to the size you want on your bag. Grab some freezer paper and cut to 8.5x11 size. You can tape it to card stock SHINY side down to make it more secure going through the printer. Again, you want to print on the NON-SHINY side so make sure it is place into the printer properly.
2. After you printed out your letters on freezer paper iron the letters onto the fabric of your choice. If you want different letters to be different fabric, make sure you iron on those specific letters to the desired fabric.
3. Then after the freezer paper is ironed to the fabric, cut out the fabric. After you cut out the letters remove the freezer paper from the fabric letters.
Keep reading after cut fabric letters with cutting machine for final step. 

How to Cut Fabric Letters With a Cutting Machine.

1. Using a thin fusible interface, iron on to pieces of the fabric. In your cutting machine program, design your image and size it accordingly. Then place your fabric/interface on your mat and cut according to your machine direction for cutting fabric. *If you used double sided interface you can skip the glue and iron on the letters to the bag.


 Now that you have your letters cut out, using the fabric glue, attach letters to bag. Let it dry. You can stop here and be finished.

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personalized teacher gift with cutout fabric lettershow to cutout fabric letters and sew onto a bag

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