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Modern Embroidery Hoop floral Wreath Tutorial Spring or Summer

This modern embroidery hoop floral wreath twist on the wreath is perfect for spring or summer. Add some yarn to an embroidery hoop and a few fake colorful flowers and branches and it's ready for the door super fast. 

how to make a modern spring wreath

Last year I was on a wreath making kick - did you see my simple modern winter wreath or colorful pumpkin wreath? Spring came around and I longed for flowers, but since flowers were still not blooming, I decided a simple modern wreath with fake flowers would be perfect touch to our door to get us ready for spring. *the picture above is a different variety of the same one as seen in tutorial
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diy modern flower wreath tutorial
My littlest was still a baby, so this wreath needed to be made quick. The part that took the longest was wrapping the yarn around the wreath, but turn on a movie or net flix or your favorite podcast and you'll be done in a jiffy.
diy Spring wreath tutorial
DIY Colorful floral wreath for yellow front door
What I love the most about this wreath is that I can customize it to whatever colors I want, I even made a similar one for 4th of July with blue yarn wrapped around the hoop and red and white flowers. It was subtle yet still patriotic. I actually kept it up all summer.
how to make a modern floral wreath
You could even hot glue the flowers in place if that is easier for you, but I did wire instead. But that's what's great about this project, make it as easy as you like. I have  video you can follow along with to see how it's done as well as written instructions. 

Modern Embroidery Hoop Wreath for Spring or Summer


After you have gathered all your supplies, let's get started! I picked flower colors that I liked but also some that were complimentary of each other. 

Step 1: wrap thick yarn around embroidery hoop

First off, grab your hoop and just start wrapping it with the yarn.

Make sure to tie it at the beginning and tie it off at the end. Step 2: flowers

Next, cut your flower stems down to be much shorter. Then do a flat layout of your greenery and flowers to determine where you want them to be. I placed my greenery under the flowers. I did a spray of boxwood greenery on one side and then some facing the other direction on the other side.

Step 3: Greenery 

After you determine the layout, place the greenery on first and use wire to wrap around the greenery to hold it on. 

Step 4: Final

After the greenery is attached, then attach the flowers one at time. Wrap the short flower stems around the embroidery home to help hold.
And there you go! This colorful wreath is perfect for an inside door or for a front door. I might make an extra one for the inside just so I can look at it everyday.
diy modern flower hoop wreath for front door

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