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Shrink Plastic Kid Art for Mothers or Fathers Day Gift

Such a fun and easy way to preserve the favorite drawings by your kids. With the help of an adult, kids could make these shrink plastic key chains and give them as a mothers day gift or fathers day gift. 
how to make shrink plastic keychain

Shrink plastic key chain mothers or fathers day gift
Gifts from my kids is kind of a hard one. My kids do love giving gifts, but sometimes they don't even know what to do even though their big, wonderful hearts want to do it so bad. Last year we found one solution for a fun and usable mothers day or fathers day gift idea. 

DIY art work shrinky dink kids project
My kids LOVE to draw and color. As they get older, they each go through drawing stages and each form a unique style of certain things that they love to draw. One day, I gave them some shrink plastic and put them to work. They were enthralled!! Needless to say, we made quite a few shrinky dink artwork and key chains. They thought it was so magical seeing their artwork shrunk to a miniature size. 
Fun summer kids craft key chain shrink plastic
I even made a few and did some fruit drawings. I think they might make some fun earrings or necklace. SO many possibilities. 

Shrink Plastic Kids Drawing for Mothers Day Gift or Fathers Day gift


Next place your plastic shrink onto your child's drawing. *The drawing will shrink considerably. The instructions will give you an idea how much it might shrink.
Trace the drawing onto the shrink plastic using a permanent marker.
Then using colored pencil or water colors, have your child color in the drawing. Then cut out your drawing. Be careful as you cut since the plastic at this stage can tear. After you cut, make sure you hole punch at the top of your drawing. Finally follow the shrink plastic instructions on shrinking it in the oven. After it has cooled, attach the jump rings and lobster key chain.

So what do you think? Do you think this would make a fun kids gift idea? I think this is one of those really cook kids art work projects that they will feel so proud of and so excited to share with others. I love that it preserves their special drawings.

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