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DIY Colorful Striped Door mat

A door mat is a fun way to greet yourself and your friends to your home. A plain door mat is very easy to customize and add a bit of color to with a little bit of spray paint. 

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DIY welcome mat with spray paint

Summer is very much on it's way and the flowers and colors of spring are making me so happy. It's amazing how a little sunshine and color can really make a world of difference in my life. We have been in dire need of a door mat and so when I saw this plain door mat at JOANN I immediately saw it with a bit of color on it.

 diy colorful modern doormat
I originally thought about painting colorful flowers and then I thought about strawberries (I really just couldn't decided), but eventually I decided on a bit quicker and easier design of stripes. I was going to just pick one or two colors, but I just couldn't so we went for a rainbow theme. 

And I must say, it goes amazingly with my yellow door. Seriously, I love all the color sooo much!
Painted yellow door a bright front door

fun colorful painted door mat

DIY Colorful Striped Doormat 


Step 1: Design

First, you want to decide what design you want to do. I opted for a of center stripes. I did a quick sketch on paper before going with it. 

Step 2: Stencil

For the stencil, I was going to do painters tape, but that would have taken to long waiting for colors to dry and I wanted to do it all at once. I cut some cardstock and taped the ends together to make them long enough. I did this with about 4 pieces until I had enough to make my off center mountain

Step 3: Paint

Decide where you want your first stripe to be. Place your stencil and cover all other parts of mat with scrap paper so no over spray accidentally gets it. Spray high enough up and straight down. Do spray to the side, this could accidentally go under the stencil. 

Step 4: Paint the rest of the stripes

Continue moving your stencil down carefully. The paint started getting thick on the stencil so I made some new stencils for the last 3 colors. Carefully remove your paper and let dry.
diy front doormat rainbow spray paint mat

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painted front modern doormat DIY

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