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Modern 4th of July Floral Wreath

This modern 4th of July Floral Summer Wreath is a quick and easy craft project. It uses a large embroidery hoop and some beautiful greens and patriotic fake flowers. Plus it could stay up even after the 4th. 

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4th of July DIY wreath red white flowers
It case you missed it, I was on a major front door wreath making kick last year. I made a Modern Spring Wreath, A Colorful Pumpkin Wreath and very simple Winter/Christmas Wreath. And they all are pretty simple and have a yarn wrapped embroidery hoop. I love every single one, especially how easy they were to make. Sometimes you just need a quick little something to go on your front door, and all of these wreaths are perfect for that!

DIY modern 4th of July floral wreath
This is my most recent wreath, a very simple 4th of July version. I wanted something that still seemed patriotic but also something that I could potentially keep up the rest of summer. And even though I intended on taking it down after 4th of July, I did keep it up all summer. And guess what, it didn't bother me because there were no stars, just red, white and blue. 

And you can totally make your own! It is so simple and could be done during an episode of your favorite show on netflix or whatever else program you like to binge on :). I even have a video for you to follow if that's easier to visually follow. 

4th of July Floral Wreath

Supplies needed to make your own simple DIY wreath:

Step 1: Wrap Embroidery Hoop

First start by wrapping your thick yarn around the embroidery hoop until it is completely covered.

Step 2: Add base greens

Then add your greenery first. Wrap a few pieces of the wire around the greenery.

add greens to diy patriotic wreathStep 3: Add flowers

Next add your flowers. Place them on the greenery to get an idea of where you want them. Then cut the stems as needed. patriotic wreath red white flowersStep 4: Wrap wires around flowers
After you have placed all your flowers in the desired place, start wrapping the wire around the stems until they are all secure. You might need to move flowers up and down and tighten wires until it all fits just right.

fake flowers on wreathStep 5: Hang wreath on door!!! Best step!!

Now all you need to do is hang it on your door or even inside! You can make it an even more minimalist look by adding less flowers or even putting the flowers directly on the wood hoop with no yarn. So many possibilities.
Modern 4th of July Floral summer Wreath
What I love is that is so subtly patriotic and could even be kept up the rest of summer. And you can make it more patriotic by adding a custom phrase or word.

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