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4th of July Star Head Band Tutorial

This is a fun and easy craft tutorial to make a star crown head band for 4th of July or any holiday! Just need about 10 minutes and some foam stickers and a headband. 

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glittery star headband diy tutorial 4th of July
I love the 4th of July, it's such a fun holiday, but I usually don't make anything for it. SO last years Modern 4th of July Wreath and Hand lettered American Wood sign was definitely a big thing for me to do. And they are up again on my front porch. It feels very festive on my porch. Do you decorate for the 4th of July? or do you just keep things easy going?

Star Crown Kids Craft Tutorial 
Ok, I also made my kids some 4th of July Heat Transfer Shirts two years ago. Well, I guess I do like making some things. My kids definitely loved their shirts and actually wear them all year long, which is ok with me. More use the better. 

This year I decided it would be fun to make some 4th of July Star Headbands. Again, if you follow me at all, you know I like simple and easy crafts. This is just that kind of craft. Although I made these head bands, this would be such an easy craft for any kid to make. My boys love them too and ask if I make one for them too. Why not? fun holiday headbands do not have to be just for girls. 
diy star crown headband kid craft project tutorial

4th of July Star Head Band Tutorial


4th of July craft supplies

Step 1:

cut wire about 6" long. Attach one star to side of wire.

Step 2:

Attach a different star to opposite side of first star. You basically will be sandwiching the wire in between the two stars. Since they are stickers, they will hold the wire in nicely.

Step 3:

Now arrange the stars where you want them to go and how high and save at least 3 inches and start wrapping the bottom of wire around  headband. It will not look pretty, but you won't be able to see any of this once you put it on your head. Make sure you leave the poky end of wire on the top of headband so it doesn't poke your head.

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