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DIY Bow Tie Summer Shirt - Mccall's 7360 Pattern Hack

This summer shirt was a fun and easy sew up and a perfect shirt for a summers day. Add a removable bow tie to dress it up. 

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mccalls 7360 pattern hack summer womans shirt
One of my goals this year is to slow down and make my own clothes. I don't really have much time to sew with home schooling and having lots of littles around me, but I it really helps me recenter my thoughts and slow down my constant to do list. And as crazy as it sounds, taking the time to make my own clothes is just the thing to relax me. When I saw this viscose fabric from JOANN, it was perfect for the shirt I've been wanting to make for a couple of years. 

anywhere skirt stripes button up ladies shirt
Depending on the project, it can take me quite a few nights of sewing. Sometimes weeks to finish one simple project. BUT, that's ok. That's the point of doing it. I want to really consolidate my wardrobe to pieces that I love and since I like sewing, I can sew those pieces. It takes me a while to start a projects, so usually when I finally decide to do it, I know that I will love it. Like this shirt. I've had this Mccalls 7360 pattern for at least 3 years and it's only now that I've finally found the right fabric to actually make it. 
womans indies sewing patterns
The fabric I got is a Viscose Shirting Fabric, almost looks like a linen, but much, much softer. It will be perfect for summer.  I decided on not adding any buttons on the front, but I slip stitched the front just enough so I can still put it over my head. The shirt goes really well with my Anywhere Skirt.
ladies striped shirt mccalls 7360 pattern

McCall's 7360 Pattern Hack with DIY Bow Tie

But then I decided that maybe I would want to button it up occasionally. So I added a button just at the the top. Then I had this fun idea about adding a bow tie, but I didn't want it permanent. So I made a simple bow to be easily attached if I want but is not permanent. 

diy bow tie for womans shirt

To make your own removable bow tie:


Decide how big you want your bow. You will want to cut your fabric to be twice as long as that. For example I wanted mine to be 3" x 1", so I cute my fabric 6.5" x 4.5" (I added an inch for seam allowance. Follow this fabric bow tie tutorial for simple instructions for a bow tie. 
diy bow tie tutorial for shirt


Simply add a clip to the back of the bow and then you can easily clip it onto your shirt when you're done. It's really that simple. You could even make your bow tie to be in a contrast color. 
add clip to bow tie
 What do you think? would you add a bow tie to a shirt? I feel like a bow tie can dress up a shirt, but if I want it to be more casual I can easily just leave it off.
mccalls 7360 pattern hack

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