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Maternity Dress to Gathered Skirts Refashion Mother Daughter Skirts

This maternity dress refashion into a gathered skirt was super easy to do and a fun way to use an old maternity dress. 
a refashion challenge turn a dress into a skirt tutorial
I decided to join in on the Restyling Challenge on Instagram (follow me here)hosted by Pilar Bear and Amy Nicole Studio. As part of the challenge we send a garment to another sewist somewhere else and they refashion it into something new and send it back to me. However, me and Sara Russell decided to just send each other something and just refashion it for ourselves. (p.s. check out my tips on thrifting for clothes)

It was a good decision because I was less nervous about sending back something that might not fit her and be her style. This way, we didn't have to stress about size or style. She sent me a maternity dress that she made and I sent her a maternity dress. Funny thing is that we did not plan on that. 
cute matching gathered skirts mother daughter
I decided to make a skirt with black ruffle trim on the bottom. After I made a skirt for me, I realized I had just enough left over to make a matching skirt for my daughter. I also refashioned one of my shirts so she could match me on top as well. I had no idea how fun it would be to match her all the time. But I love it the most because she loves it! 
diy matching mommy and me skirt

 Maternity Dress to Gathered Skirt Refashions - Mother & Daughter Skirts

  • An old or thrifted large or maternity dress
  • Black ruffle lace

*sorry I didn't take any pictures since I was so immersed in the process. But here's basically what I did. 
Step 1:
I cut the dress as high up in the waist part in order to maximize the skirt length.
Step 2:
 I wanted a flat front for my skirt so I measured just enough for the front part of the skirt. I then took the rest of the back and folded over 1 1/2" and ironed and sewed in place.
Step 3:
 I then took an elastic 1" thick and measured it to be half the size of my waist. I then placed it in the tube I created in the back of my skirt. I sewed the elastic in place on either side skirt. 
Step 4: Now fold the front part of skirt down 1 1/2" and sew in place. 
Step 5: If you want the lace at the bottom, cut it the width of the skirt and sew it into a tube. Then sew it on the bottom of skirt. 

For the little girls gathered skirt:

 I used pieces of the remainder of the dress and sewed them together. I then sewed the whole top of skirt down into a 1 1/2" tube, but remember to leave an opening in the tube for the elastic. Then I put an  elastic piece in the size of her waist and sewed in place. 

a gathered skirt tutorial
gathered skirt refashion from maternity dress

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