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10+ Shark Weeks Crafts to make and Shark Things buy

I've gathered 10+ items that you can make or buy just in time for shark week. These shark projects and items are perfect to show your love (or fear) of sharks.  

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10 shark crafts to make
When my oldest son was 2 1/2, he loved sharks. We bought him a collection of sharks and he became obsessed as most 2 year olds can be. After a month or so, he had them all memorized. And so of course, I had to make him a Shark sweatshirt and a blanket as well.

Are you a fan of sharks? do you love shark week? I've put together a list of items you can make for shark week or if you'd rather, some great things that you can buy for shark week. So many fun things to show your love for sharks. 

10+ Shark Week Crafts to Make and Shark Things to Buy

Shark Crafts to make and sew:

diy great White Shark Sweatshirt for kids
I made this Shark sweatshirt for my little boy and have made one more for him as he got older. It is one of his favorite.
DIY Shark Clothespin Holder by Hey Let's Make Stuff - a free sewing pattern for a clothespin bag
Love this Shark clothespin bag, but I think it could be used for so many different storage uses. Maybe even toys!
hammerhead shark crochet free pattern
This free hammer head shark pattern from Spin A yarn Crochet is awesome! The detail is amazing!

This Finger Shark puppet is adorable and very easy to make!
diy shark craft shark teeth necklace for kids
How about making this easy Shark Teeth Necklace
This Shark Toilet Paper Roll is so fun and looks easy enough for many ages of kids to make.
diy shark shirt with htv
Some fun shark shirts made with heat transfer vinyl. A perfect DIY shark shirt for Shark week or your shark loving boy or girl!

This Shark Bag is just perfect! great for Halloween Candy, Parade candy or just every day treasures.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this Baby Shark costume from Sew Kate Sew

And this ombre quilt I made for my son with some shark fleece backing.
diy shark hair bow
Learn to make this cute shark bow 

Things to Buy for Shark Week:

shark week things to buy
shark sticker
This shark sticker is so fun and a perfect little sticker for the water bottle. 
shark shirt for shark week
This shark hat is fantastic!
Shark hair Bow, felt bow
This Shark Hair bow is adorable from Sissy Fancy is no longer available, but similar HERE
shark hair bow leather
button up shark shirt
THis shark shirt is soo good. 

sterling silver shark earrings
Such cute Sterling Silver Shark Earrings.
shark crochet pattern
Shark Crochet pattern would be a cute little present for a friend.
shark candle
this Shark Candle would be so fun to have or give. 
shark rings shark week
I think these Shark Rings are awesome!
silver shark ring
or this Shark ring is fun

Crochet Shark Socks by Stacie71
image 0
or these Crocheted Sharks Socks Make some for yourself or a gift for someone else!
shark earrings
These Shark Earrings are the best (update, they're no longer available, similar here)

Happy Shark Week!

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