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Harry Potter Felt Owl Hedwig Sewing Tutorial and Pattern

This felt hedwig softie is easy to make and fun for the Harry Potter fan. This free Harry Potter Felt Hedwig Sewing Tutorial and Pattern really fun to make and a perfect afternoon or evening project. 

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free hedwig sewing pattern
It would go against all fibers of my being to not share some sort of Harry Potter post or tutorial of some kind. This year, I'm excited to join in with a Sew A Softie blog hop; an initiative started by Trixi from the Couloured Buttons  to inspire kids and adults from around the world to sew. I'm excited to get to share my own softie creation with a simple felt Hedwig owl. 
how to make a hedwig owl
I've always had a soft spot of Hedwig and loved the symbol he brings to the book. I thought he would be a perfect softie to sew and share a pattern for. 

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harry potter felt hedwig sewing pattern

Harry Potter Felt Owl Sewing Tutorial and Pattern


  • white felt
  • yellow felt
  • black felt
  • a little pillow stuffing OR just keep it simple and keep it flat. 
  • black embroidery thread 
  • gray embroidery thread
  • OR do a fun blend mix of gray/black
  • FREE Owl Pattern

Step 1: Cut all your pieces

Body: cut 2
wings: cut 2
eyes: cut 2
feet: cut 4 
how to make a hedwig owl

Step 2: stitch wings on

Ok, before sewing the back on we're going to do front stitching. First, start with stitching the wings on (just inside of wing) with a straight stitch. Then do simple v stitches on the wings. Don't worry about making them perfect, imperfect adds character to the wings

Next, do some random stitches on the front and top of head. I used a blended mix of embroidery that changed from gray to black and I love the effect. 
hedwig embroidery pattern felt

Step 3: Stitch eyes and nose and feet

Now you're going to stitch the eyes on with a simple stitch around the eyes. Then use a french knot for the middle part of eye. Last, stitch on the nose. 

Feet: stitch both two pairs of feet so you have two pairs stitched up. 
sewing a owl pattern

Step 4:: Add back

Pin the feet at the bottom between the front and back of owl. Start at the bottom and do a running stitch and stitch up the back and the front around the edges. 
free owl pattern sewing tutorial
Harry Potter felt owl sewing pattern tutorial

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