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How to Sew a Faux Leather Bag Sewing Tutorial

  Sewing with faux leather is easier than you think. Faux leather or vinyl can be so much cheaper than real leather and look almost like leather. This easy sewing tutorial will show you how to Sew a Faux leather bag.  Making an over sized leather bag is easy to do with this tutorial. 

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how to sew a faux leather bag sewing tutorial
Bags are definitely my Strawberry Jam (the best jam!), I have way too many of them, but I really do use them all. 

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so you see I love a good bag. And for this newest bag, this faux leather from JOANN looks and feels so real, it was perfect for a bag. 

                 how to sew with faux leatherleather bag free pattern
My old church bag was literally dying before our eyes and leaving trails of pieces of it every time we went to church. It was getting embarrassing, but there probably wasn't a question in anyone's mind whose bag it was. And yes, I am posing with fake fruit, but life is too boring for serious poses. 
learn how to sew with faux leather
 I can't get over this new bag and how much I love it!! It was fairly easy to make and this particular faux leather was super easy to sew with. Like incredibly. I just used a regular walking foot and it was a dream to sew. The inside fabric is left over from my Farmhouse Linen Pinafore Apron
And the inside I had some of that beautiful rainbow linen left over from an apron I made for my mom and added it to the pocket. 

How to Sew a Faux Leather Bag Tutorial

Here is a video of all the steps, written steps below video.

cut fabric for leather bag

Step 1: Cut Fabric

I did one big piece of faux leather measuring at 20x38. I'm folding my faux leather instead of cutting it into two separate sides.  I wanted it to be big. But if you want something smaller than measure a bag you have that you like and base your measurements off that. Just remember, you need to add 6 inches to height of bag because we are going to box the bottom of the bag. 
box corners for leather bag

 Step 2: Cut out corners

Fold your fabric in half inside out. You want the edges of the top of bags to be touching. Trace 3" corners on bottom. Then cut the corners out.
sew up sides of leather bag

 Step 3: Sew sides 

Pin with hair clips or sewing clips and sew up the sides of bag. Start sewing wear the squares end.
how to sew straps faux leather

 Step 4: Sew Straps

Cut straps Then fold over one side on top of the other and clip. Sew up each side of strap next to the edge.
sewing straps faux leather
 Attach strap to bag about this width apart and baste stitch in place
attach straps to leather bag
rainbow fabric joann fabric

 Step 5: Lining and Pocket

If you choose to have a lining, cut your fabric as and then follow the first 3 steps. But leave the bottom of lining open. But if you want a pocket follow instructions below. 
*pocket: If you choose to add a pocket, add it before sewing up the sides. Sew a rectangle of two fabric pieces right sides together leaving a 3" gap open. Turn right sides out and add to inside of bag. Sew to sides and bottom to bag. 
how to make bag lining

Step 6: Attach Lining

Turn lining inside out and place over the top of the leather bag which is right sides out. Sew around the top of the lining and the bag. Then turn right side out from the bottom of the lining bag. Push lining inside of bag. 

how to attach lining to a bag

 Step 7: Top stitch the bag

Top stitch in the ditch between the lining and the leather around the whole bag. When you get to the straps, stitch higher up on the straps.
And that's it! Follow the video to learn how to sew a faux leather bag sewing tutorial if you need more visual help. 
sewing a leather bag tutorial sewing project

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