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J.K Rowling Book Quote Printables - Harry Potter Printable

This quote by J.K. Rowling art is perfect to turn into a shirt or artwork. You can download the J.K. Rowling Book Quotes at the end a free printable, silhouette or svg file. 
inspiring J.K. Rowling book quote free printables
Before pulling my son out of school to home school him, I used to volunteer in the library. I always felt the library could use a little more inspiring decorations and of course Harry Potter should be part of every library decoration.

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You might recognize it from this Library bag that I made a few years ago. I love this bag and this quote so much because I really believe it to be true. Books are such a magical way to transport kids and adults alike to a place that is magical and can help them learn and cope with their own world. And this J.K. Rowling book quote printable is one of my favorites!
how to use heat transfer vinyl on art canvas
However, I decided I wanted it to be bigger than I could print off, so I used heat transfer vinyl and ironed it on to a large art canvas. Also, if you don't want to make the canvas, you can download the J.K. Rowling book quote printable below. 

How to make a J.K. Rowling Book Quote Iron on Canvas Sign


Step 1: design 

In your cutting program, decide how big you want your words to be. Since I wanted mine to be large enough to go on a 16x20 I enlarged them accordingly. I did the words individually instead of all next to each other so that it could print out large enough. 

Step 2: prepare to cut

Make sure your heat transfer vinyl is flipped the correct way on the mat. Also make sure the design is mirror imaged (flipped backwards) before cutting

Step 3: Cut and weed

Step 4: Iron

Lay out your design where you want it on your canvas. Place a book under the canvas to give you a hard surface to iron on. Now carefully iron your cut files on. And that's it! 
free harry potter book quote printable

how to put iron on vinyl on an art canvas harry potter

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