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DIY Modern Fall Door mat - Pumpkin Doormat

This DIY modern fall door mat a pumpkin doormat is easy to do and only requires some tape and spray paint. Or it can be made with a brush and acrylic paint. 

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This would be my third doormat that I've made this year. I can't help it, it's kind of addicting. But now I have enough doormats, so I probably won't make anymore...except maybe one for winter :). But I'm loving this pumpkin one.

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I saw the plain pumpkin mat at JOANN and though it would be so fun to do a pumpkin doormat. I thought maybe a rainbow one, or a simplified rainbow, but I decided to stick with the reds and oranges. It turned out really bright and fun and easy to do!
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DIY Modern Fall Door Mat - Pumpkin Doormat


Watch video for visual and written tutorial is below. 

Step 1: Tape

Start by taping off the shape and lines of your pumpkin. As you tape press the tape down, it won't stick very well, but it will stick enough to make a simple stencil for you.

Step 2: Scrap Paper

Grab some scrap paper and block of the areas you don't want sprayed. You can tape it down a little just to be safe no color goes under.

Step 3: Spray

Start spray painting. Do one area at a time and try to hold the can at least 10" above and straight over the area you are spraying. Move on the the next area and cover up areas you don't want to be sprayed.

Step 4: Remove tape

Check for any areas that might have got some over spray and respray. If you feel satisfied, remove tape and let dry.
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